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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don Imus And Sharpton Reaction Hyperbole

Talk Radio Guru Don Imus is in trouble again with those who point the Racism Finger at everything. UPI:

    Radio shock jock Don Imus sought to clarify a racial remark he made about Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, an African-American.

    While discussing Jones's desire to ditch his nickname Monday, Imus was told Jones has "been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005."

    Imus asked one of his on-air sidekicks, "What color is he?"

    "He's African-American," the co-star said.

    "Well, there you go," Politico quoted Imus as saying. "Now we know."

    Asked in an e-mail message what he had intended by his remark, Imus wrote that he meant Jones "was being picked on because he's black," The New York Times reported.

The always available and ready to point the finger of racism, Rev. Al "Big Al" Sharpton reacted in a totally predictable manner. Dallas News:

    "It has been reported to me that statements were made by Mr. Imus this morning and National Action Network has monitored his show since his return. I find the inference of his remark disturbing because it plays into stereotypes. Any use of stereotypes is always counterproductive. We will determine in the next day or so whether or not his remark warrants direct action on our part as we did in April of last year."

Uh, yeah, the above statement from Sharpton, the man who supported the lying Tawana Brawley's concocted story of gang rape and
whose court case included Sharpton's inflammatory words. CNN:

    Former prosecutor Steven Pagones said Monday that his victory over the Rev. Al Sharpton and two other advisers to Tawana Brawley in his racially charged, $395 million lawsuit was bittersweet.

    Speaking outside the Dutchess County Courthouse after the jury's decision, Pagones said Sharpton, Alton Maddox Jr. and C. Vernon Mason had "hurt a lot of people."

    The jury found Sharpton liable for making seven defamatory statements about Pagones, Maddox for two and Mason for one. Pagones, a former assistant county prosecutor, is white; the defendants are black.

    "They hurt race relations," Pagones said. "We have enough problems in society. We don't need people like Mason and Maddox and Sharpton screaming out false allegations and creating further hatred."

    A jury of four whites and two blacks ruled that Sharpton, Maddox and Mason defamed Pagones in accusing him of raping black teen-ager Tawana Brawley in 1987.

Imus' comments were clearly sarcasm. I grasped the sarcasm immediately upon hearing the audio clip the first time. I suppose there are many people, of all colors, who have a hard time grasping sarcasm. This doesn't mean that what they hear is racist.

Without the Race Card to play, would Sharpton have a career?



Can I git me some of dat chicken? Goes real good with Kool-Aid. Yes indeedy.
Molson, HA HA HA! I dunno, my friend. Al looks pretty intent on keeping the KFC all to himself!

Approach at your own risk!!

Dang, I should'a pho-shopped in a pitcher of Kool Aid atop the piano. That's a great idea. Oh well, next time.
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