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Thursday, June 05, 2008

'Assassination of Clinton, Obama': It's Art!

Yazmany Arboleda is an artist who created a show titled "The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama," in New York.

His show didn't have a chance to open. Before it could, he was arrested. New York Daily News:

    A performance artist was hauled off by the law Wednesday when he tried to open an exhibit in Midtown called "The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama."

    Yazmany Arboleda insisted his show was about the "character assassination" of the candidates and insisted he was no danger to either Democrat.

    "It's my right as an artist to have that sign up," the 27-year-old artist said. "There's no blood, there's no guns, there's no reference to violence. My work is about words and how the media has torn them apart."

    He was not charged with a crime and released at 11:30 a.m. by police after two hours of questioning.

    Arboleda, who was born in Boston and raised in Colombia, said he has hired a lawyer and is determined to open his exhibit on Thursday.


    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, however, called the words "totally inappropriate" and added, "This is all under investigation."

I don't understand the brouhaha. It's art. It's just art. No different than the movie "Death of a President." No Liberals or Progressives protested the faux documentary about the assassination of President George W. Bush. Certainly they wouldn't deny the same artistic license to an exhibit that applies the same level of artistic depiction with the subjects being Democrats.

The PR Release (pdf) for Arboleda's exhibit states the following:

    Arboleda shows the extreme effects of a society intent on castrating anyone in power.


    ...everyone is responsible, no one - and no group - is safe in this highly evocative and controversial exhibit. In the all-encompassing installation that explores the themes of sexism, racism, ageism and homophobia, one questions to what end we are willing to go to tear down our leaders in the process of electing them.

Shutting down and closing an art exhibit expressing rights entitled to everyone under The First Amendment certainly seems like a Police State, doesn't it? Why...one might say it borders on Fascism, which is what the Liberals and Progressives rail, whine and cry about; a criticism they falsely accuse of the Bush-Cheney Administration.

Certainly these same Liberals and Progressives wouldn't advocate for a Police State that shuts down and silences the First Amendment Rights of an artist, would they? I mean heck, the last thing Liberals and Progressives are is hypocritical - or for that matter Fascists - right?

Let the show go forth, let it open. It's art!


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