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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Al Franken And Ed Schultz Say Rape Is Funny

Al Franken: Smear Merchant, Character Assassin, Liar; Thinks Rape Is Funny!

Al Franken, U.S. Senate Candidate for the Insane Liberal Clown Posse, thinks rape is funny. Lefty Radio Talker Big, Fat, Drunken-Dog-Shooting and Wife beating Ed Schultz does too! This should surprise absolutely no one.

Franken has spent his entire life as a smear merchant and character assassin. But now, the chickenssssssssssssssssssssssssssss have come to roost with Franken being held accountable for his past. This couldn't happen to a more deserving individual.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has an excellent, top-of-the-fold, page one story on this:

    Al Franken, is fending off still more slings on his troubled road to the nomination.

    On Thursday, an e-mail surfaced from one of the state's leading abortion-rights groups, Planned Parenthood, denouncing an article he wrote for Playboy in 2000, calling the piece misogynistic and degrading to women.

    And U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar broke a week-long silence to urge Franken to acknowledge that the piece was "entirely inappropriate.''


    Pressure on Franken about his writings has been building since late May, when the 2000 Playboy article was resurrected by Republicans.

    In an e-mail Tuesday that went out to most DFL legislators, Connie Perpich, Planned Parenthood senior legislative director, said the group's political arm could find it "very difficult" to endorse Franken, saying the comments had gone "beyond the boundaries" for anyone seeking elective office.

    Klobuchar was clearly dismayed by the controversy[.]


    Meanwhile, Republicans heaped another log on the fire Thursday by unearthing a 1995 New York magazine article that mentioned Franken discussing a possible "Saturday Night Live" skit involving "60 Minutes."

    The skit idea centered on a sedative pill bottle found in essayist Andy Rooney's desk. According to the article, during a brainstorming session, Franken, adopting a Rooney-like voice, suggested several possible lines for the Rooney character:

    "And 'I give the pills to Lesley Stahl. Then when Lesley's passed out, I take her to the closet and rape her.'


    When another writer suggested that the rape comment be about Mike Wallace, Franken said, again assuming the Rooney role: "What about 'I drag Mike into my office and rape him. Right here! I guess that makes me bad.'"


    "Delegates have some very important work to do this weekend," said Sen. Kathy Saltzman, DFL-Woodbury, who released a statement with Rep. Sandy Wollschlager, DFL-Cannon Falls, that called the articles "most disturbing ... offensive and highly inappropriate when linked to a candidate for the United States Senate."

It's not only Independents or Republicans who are offended at what Franken wrote, it's his own Democrat base as well as women and women's rights groups. And they should be. Rape is funny? Ask anyone who's been raped if they were laughing during the attack.

The Wife Beater and Abuser, Ed Schultz

Not immune to thinking with his ass, Fat, Dumb Ed Schultz spent his Friday hate-show defending Franken. This is no surprise as Ed used to beat and abuse his first wife Maureen until she was black and blue and bruised and bloody. (Ed, if you've never been a wife abuser you should sue me for libel and defamation of character. But you won't, because you did in fact beat Maureen, didn't you? That's why I never have to worry about any lawsuit from the guy who beat his first wife and who, on a drunken hunting trip, shot and killed his own dog).

I hope Franken secures the nomination of his party and becomes their candidate. I'm no supporter or fan of Republican Minnesota's RINO U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, I don't support him and I won't vote for him. But Coleman should have no problem beating Franken and his baggage in the General Election.

What's next from Franken? Oh, perhaps a satirical essay on the hilarity of child abuse and molestation or a piece written for NAMBLA on the hilarity of adult-child sex abuse.


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Thank you, very much!! I try to stay neutral do to my incident but its a toughy

Victoria Placeo

Dear Anony,

Yes you are "gay". And Rape is Funny. So it beating the shit out of your wife, like Ed Schultz. The Dems have such an exemplary group of men who are women's rights supporters, don't they? And Franken, "rape is funny." Whoo-hoa, laugh out loud!
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