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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ted Kennedy Disappoints
His Critics By Not Dying

In typical Kennedy-esque fashion, Fat Ted the unindicted manslaughterer has disappointed his critics - especially me - by not dying from experiencing seizures. Earlier reports noted he had suffered a stroke.

For the time being, my hopes of celebrating this Marxist misogynistic alcoholic's death are put on a temporary hold.

But I think the Grim Reaper is playing games with the bloated rich daddies' boy who has treated his wives and other women in his life like dirt. Satan hasn't yet completed the wonderful dwelling in Hell that he has reserved for the Massachusetts drunkard.

I can wait...this short-term suspension will only make the death of this fat fucker only more enjoyable when it actually happens.

Step into the Light Ted, step into the Light. It's the Light from the flames in Hell.



It wasn't a seizure. The fat fuck just ran out of gin.
The fat fuck just ran out of gin.

LMAO! Oh damn, I laughed so hard when I read your comment I had...um...some nasal congestion come flying out of my nose.

Good one Molson! Most excellent!
To reduce Senator Ted Kennedy’s life of historic public service to one night of tragedy, demonstrates a narrow, telescopic view of life. It lacks all the good qualities of humanity. Kennedy’s work had a positive impact on the lives of millions. Critics diminish themselves and are trumped by the Senator’s illustrious political legacy.
Anony / JSJ -

No, it's not reducing his life to one night. It's not a narrow, telescopic view. His whole life was a steamroller adventure to see how drunk he could get and how many women he could abuse.

He has no illustrious political legacy. He's a dead fuck, and I'm glad he's a dead fuck.

He had no positive effect on millions, unless you consider the millions of people he voted to approve tax hikes on, or the millions his family holds in offshore accounts so it can't be touched by US tax law.

You're a blind, brainwashed Liberal Cult Follower, am I right? Facts don't matter to you, it's all what you believe.

He's in Hell, now. I'm glad about that.

Too bad. Not sad. DIAF.
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