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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oil Prices More Than
Double Under Democrats

The price for a barrel of oil - when the DemocRATS took over their majority in 2007 - was around $50 per barrel.

The price of oil closed Tuesday at just shy of $130 per barrel.

Uh - did someone forget to tell Nanny Pelosi and Harry Reid that the goal was to get the price to go down...not up? Of course, had they actually done anything to decrease the prices, then they wouldn't have it to use as a wedge political issue.

Way to go Dems! You sure have a handle on the economy and the energy policy! Encore! Encore!


And here's my two cents. In the Bush administration years with a Republican Congress, gas per gallon averaged 175.5 cents. It has increased over 153% since the Democrats havebeen in office.

I got a damn article about that somewhere on the front page of my pop-up blog.
But Nanny Pelosi told us she "had a plan" to decrease the prices if Dems took back a majority. I think that plan is stuck in her ass.

I am getting pop-ups today at your place today, again. What's up with that TD?
Their “plan” has been clear as vodka:

1) Take control
2) Muck everything up
3) Blame Bush
Bad - you got the Dems nailed down! Pass "Go" and collect $200 dollars!

Good stuff!
Under the democrat tax plan, I would receive $22.50 of the $200. The “passing go” tax funds Methadone for junkies in Manhattan.
You are right Bad - I forgot about the Dem tax on that $200.
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