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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama: "Lay off my wife."

Awwwwwwww, not only can no one question, examine or criticize the Illinois Muslim - or hold him to his words - now, questioning, examining or criticizing his wife, The Dangerous Washerwoman, Pickles Obama, is off limits? This is the woman who said she's never been proud of her country until her husband became a presidential candidate.

The Illinois Muslim cautioned that critics better lay off criticizing his wife. What is he going to do if they don't...will he cry? Throw a hissy fit? Why, what's the matter, Osama, can't you
talk with - without any preconditions - those who criticize your wife? It sounds to me like The Illinois Muslim has some sand in his vagina.

Pickles Obama, The Dangerous Washerwoman

No one was the recipient of more vicious personal attacks from The Left than was Nancy Reagan. The Left exhibited absolutely no restraint in attacking Barbara Bush. The Left demonstrated zero restraint in criticizing and insulting Laura Bush for the past eight years.

Now, The Left shows no restraint in criticizing and attacking Cindy McCain for not making public her tax records?

Mrs. McCain doesn't need to, nor should she, release her tax records. Why? Because both Mrs. McCain and her husband HAVE FILED SEPARATE TAX RETURNS FROM THE DAY THEY WERE MARRIED! Had they not FILED SEPARATE RETURNS EVERY SINGLE YEAR SINCE THEY WERE MARRIED, then maybe The Left would have a legitimate point in calling for her to release her tax records.

The Dangerous Washerwoman opened the door for her being the target of criticism and examination that she and her husband now want to deflect and ignore. She put herself out on the campaign trail. She's the one who's made numerous divisive and inflammatory statements.

The chickenssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss have come home to roost on The Dangerous Washerwoman and The Illinois
Muslim doesn't like it. "Oh. Dat's. So. Sad."

Then we have The Illinois Muslim exhibiting sexist and patronizing language by calling a female reporter, "sweetie." Had John McCain, President George W. Bush, former Vice President Dan Quayle - or any other Republican - called a woman "sweetie", the Left would be crying, whining, screaming, yelling, hissy fitting, kicking their feet feigning outrage. But The Obamalith receives a Free Pass for calling a female reporter "sweetie." Whoa - good thing Bob Packwood didn't use the sexist term "sweetie".

And that phony, forced laugh from The Dangerous Washerwoman? What a pile of crap!

I have a question for anyone on The Left. Of course, no Lefty will add a comment answering my question because they can't answer it and even if they tried to answer it, doing so will acknowledge and confirm the crux of the question:

How do you Democrats manage the flagrant, transparent and unashamed hypocrisy that you exhibit every single second, every single day? How do you do it? Do you practice it? Do you attend weekly support meetings that reinforces your hypocritical behavior? Do you participate in hypocrisy refresher courses? How do you do it? Don't you ever get tired of being crybabies?

The Left thinks The Dangerous Washerwoman is the target of personal attacks? Awwwww, that's shame.

Speaking of attacking a politician's wife, let's check in with our exclusive political analyst, Baby Democrat, for a view on the fake outcry from Obama about his wife being criticized:


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“How do you democrats manage the flagrant, transparent and unashamed hypocrisy that you exhibit every single second, every single day?”

One might consider the ease in which this is accomplished when,

(a) Your base voters are either too uneducated or too oblivious to notice
(b) Your adoring media is ever-so-willing to cover the trail of slime you leave behind
Yeah - you nailed it.

And with their hiearchy of Superdelegates, they don't even trust their own base. They have to have a panel set up and ready to go to overrule the voters. Just like Commies the Dems are.
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