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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Michelle Obama Is A Washerwoman

This story is a riot! A veritable laugh-your-buttocks-off-knee-slapper!

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt told TMZ that Michelle Pickles Obama, "is dangerous" and that she, "talks like a washerwoman." Click on the video link at the hypertext link.

A "washerwoman." She talks like a "washerwoman." Bwa ha ha ha! Oh, damn, that's too funny.

Immediately, Rev. Al Sharpton responded by calling von Anhalt's remarks, "racist

Maybe Al should stop playing the race card long enough to pay the $1.5 million dollars he owes in back taxes. I wonder who's been in charge of Sharpton's taxes? Could it be Al Franken Tax Service?

Pickles Obama, The Dangerous Washerwoman


You know....I can't remember Michelle from Princeton. We probably went at different times. The underclassmen tables (Not so at the eating clubs) were often self segregated as she claims. I was sweating like a sucker trying to bridge two or three ethnic groups together over the lunch slop. Wha was she doing?
What was she doing?

Good point.

Maybe - like von Anhalt said, she was too busy being "the dangerous washerwoman" ?!?!?

Then Sharpton has to add his two cents into the von Anhalt thingy and bring even wider attention to the issue.

It's crazy.

Thanks for visting and commenting. Your take on issues always gets me thinking in new ways.
David, tell me why this dangerous washer-woman likes Kool Aid so much?
I dunno, Tym. All I know about her is that until her hubby became a candidate for president she was never proud of her country. She's a very angry woman. Very, very, angry. In her mind the world owes her something; what it is I do not know.

She is angry indeed and it's getting really bad for her health, as we said earlier, she does not feel confortable in this role and sooner rather than later, she is going to be like those stars (namely Michael Jackson for instance) who cannot handle the pressure and end up drowning into dope and alcohol to avoid facing the reality.

But when you've been brainwashed during 20 years by the pastor of a church who was saying as often as he could, it's not God bless America, it's God damn America, you are definitely fitting the mold of a hater.

If it had been David Duke, only extremists would have voted for him but it was Obama, our nice little "rendez-vous doux" with History. Well...history my ass!!!
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