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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

KoS Pho-Shops Michelle Obama
Into Racist Image

I don't know how I missed this story. LGF:

    As Barack Obama bashes the Tennessee GOP as “low class” for criticizing his wife, the Daily KosKidz show Tennessee what “class” really means.

    So you can appreciate all the details in this Photoshop masterpiece, here’s the full sized image.

Newsbusters also ran with this story:

    ...fast on the heels of Obama telling us we can't use the anti-American statements of his wife as a campaign issue we get the kiddies over at the DailyKos doing their best to "help" Barack Obama by making an image of Michelle Obama hanging from a tree with robbed KKK figures torturing her with a branding iron and claiming that this is the "NEW IMPROVED" GOP strategy. So much for the subtleties and civility that Barack claims he wants, eh?

The image in just a moment. While Daily Kooks had first stealth-edited only the pho-shopped image, DKooks has also pulled the story.

This is the image ran, and then pulled by DKooks:

I took their image and made it more historically correct by including Democrat U.S. Senator Robert The Klansman Byrd to the picture:

But don't say anything to anyone - it's supposed to be a secret - it's the Democrats who are the racists.


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When you want to know what the Democrats are really up to, just watch what they "accuse" the Republicans of doing. It never fails.

Democrats have been racist for many, many years. It's amazing how they have distorted the truth in pulling the wool over the American people's eyes in making them believe the real racists are the Republicans.
Agreed Braden. No one personifies Liberal Racism any better than Bob Byrd. We know what would have happened to his political career had he been a Republican. He wouldn't have had one.
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