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Saturday, May 24, 2008

AIPAC Gives Obama A+ Grade

AIPAC is the American Israeli Public Affairs Committe. They are, as described on their web site, America's Pro-Israel Lobby.

Spend even just a little amount of time visiting any LeftWing Wacko website or blog - those filled with Bush Derangement Syndrome - and you also find these are the same people filled with the most virulent of anti-Semitism. They blame AIPAC for everything.

So I bet it will come as a shock to the same, Lefty Anti-Semites that The Illinois Muslim has received an A+ rating from AIPAC! (GASP!) Shocker!

From The Economist:

    "I know Obama has a perfect record from AIPAC," some Floridians seem to be saying[.]

Mike Madden in Salon.com, (Salon...hardly a Right-of-Center site) says:

    By November, as the old saying goes, the Jews will most likely be good for Barack Obama.


    The largest pro-Israel lobbying group in the country, AIPAC, says McCain, Obama and Clinton all meet their approval. "All three candidates," said spokesman Josh Block, "have strong congressional voting records on issues important to the pro-Israel community and have demonstrated their commitment to the special relationship between the United States and Israel."

In a January 31, 2008 piece for The New Republic (another publication that is hardly Right-of-Center), Martin Peretz notes:

    "I'm confident," Obama said, "that Israel is ready and willing to make some of these concessions if they have the confidence that the Palestinians can enforce an agreement." This is exactly right. And it is a sign that President Obama would not pressure only one side (Israel) because the other side (the Palestinians) are immune to American pressure.

How many more concessions must Israel make to appease terrorist groups? Apparently more, many more, according to The Illinois Muslim.

Israpundit nails the issue, hitting a grand-slam writing on February 2, 2008:

    Why is it that, every time Barack Obama and his shills at the National Jewish Democratic Council try to persuade us that he has nothing against Jews or white people in general, he does something to convince us that he is right at home with the country’s worst hate-mongers? We have already documented Obama’s ties to the racist pastor Jeremiah Wright and the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton extensively

    Senator Barack Obama (Ill): “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.” Having praised and endorsed an individual who was at least indirectly involved in two fatal hate crimes (Crown Heights riots, arson of Freddy’s Fashion Mart), Obama has now added the anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic hate group MoveOn.org to his growing entourage of bigots and hate-mongers.

The Illinois Muslim now postures and panders himself onto Jewish voters by claiming he's always been on their side. (What's next for Obama to claim - that's he's "always been a Yankee's fan"?) The New York Times:

    Throughout his career, Mr. Obama has enjoyed close ties to Jews, including various employers, law school buddies, wealthy donors on the north side of Chicago who backed his early political career, and the many Jews in the Hyde Park community where he lives.


    "I’ve been in the foxhole with my Jewish friends, so when I find on the national level my commitment being questioned, it’s curious," he said recently in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg on theatlantic.com.

Let's look at those items: he's had close ties to Jews including various employers. Hmmmm, could it be because he was the Affirmative Action Hire?

Law school buddies? Heh - how could you not find an abundance of Jews in any law school?

Wealthy donors? Obama will take campaign donations from anyone and any group. Money knows no prejudice in his campaign - even money from "Whitey". There's rumors that al-Qaida has donated to his campaign, so if he's taking money from them, well, why not take money from Jews too?

And the Jews in Hyde Park. What better way for a Muslim and an anti-Semite to hide in plain sight?

I wonder how all the AIPAC-haters will square themselves with the issue that The Illinois Muslim more than meets the approval of AIPAC?

Salon.com ran a wonderful anti-AIPAC piece on March 16, 2007 titled: Inside America's powerful Israel lobby, with the slug line: AIPAC's three-day summit included fiery evangelical oratory, adoration for Dick Cheney -- and new plans for going after Iran.

    AIPAC leaders are pushing for a different kind of offensive against Iran: a new program of sanctions much harsher than any prior one imposed through the United Nations. The plan, which one panelist called a "quiet campaign" to strike at Iran on the financial battlefield, would include increased pressures on foreign allies who do business with Iran, a U.S.-wide campaign of divestment, and other measures intended to put crippling economic pressure on the Islamic republic.

Uber-Liberal David Corn, writing for The Nation (The Nation being as Far Left as one can get) on August 8, 2005:

    ...the Justice Department issued a new indictment of Lawrence Franklin, the Pentagon official accused of passing secrets to officials of AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobbying outfit. The indictment is bad news for the Bush White House and Karl Rove.

    That's not only because the Franklin case is embarrassing for the administration, the Pentagon, and their neocon allies. (Franklin worked with Douglas Feith, who until recently was a senior Pentagon official close to the neocons.) The Franklin indictment is a sign that Rove and any other White House aide involved in the Plame/CIA leak might be vulnerable to prosecution under the Espionage Act.

Oh my...AIPAC and Neocons passing secrets to each other? Using this logic, the only conclusion to make is that The Illinois Muslim must be a warmonger and a Neocon. Maybe...maybe even a Stealth Zionist?

Richard Silverstein, in a February 6, 2008 column, posits that it was AIPAC circulating rumors about Obama:

    Can we surmise which “Jewish nonprofit in Washington” might’ve been the source of the e mail list? Would its acronym consist of five letters beginning with “A?” I think so. Then the question becomes: how did the spreaders of the smear get AIPAC’s list? Were they given it by staffers or key volunteers? We may never know the answer. But this sure smells of the type of chicanery for which AIPAC is famed/notorious.

Ari Berman, in a piece published at AlterNet on July 31, 2006 notes:

    In early March, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held its forty-seventh annual conference in Washington. AIPAC's executive director spent twenty-seven minutes reading the "roll call" of dignitaries present at the gala dinner, which included a majority of the Senate and a quarter of the House, along with dozens of Administration officials.

    As this event illustrates, it's impossible to talk about Congress's relationship to Israel without highlighting AIPAC, the American Jewish community's most important voice on the Hill.


    ...most in Congress see far more harm than reward in getting in the Israeli lobby's way. "There remains a perception of power and fear that AIPAC can undo you," says James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute.


    By blindly following AIPAC, Congress reinforces a hard-line consensus: Criticizing Israeli actions, even in the best of faith, is anti-Israel and possibly anti-Semitic; enthusiastically backing whatever military action Israel undertakes is the only acceptable stance.

Edward W. Miller, MD,
at Coastal Post (I'd never heard of it until today), being a bit more blunt that the above writers, calls AIPAC a "dangerous parasite":

    AIPAC, our dangerous parasite never sleeps.

Coastal Post describes itself as: a newspaper of general circulation published on or about the 1st of every month in Marin County, CA.

Max Blumenthal, writing at the HuffPuffPoo on March 14, 2007, reminds everyone of AIPAC's warm reception of Rev. John Hagee:

    It should come as no surprise then that an anti-Semitic Holocaust apologist like Pastor John Hagee was invited to AIPAC, and was given a raucous ovation. As I reported for the Nation last year, through his new lobbying organization, Christians United for Israel, Hagee is emerging as the most influential leader of the Christian Zionist movement, which has bolstered the Israeli right with the grassroots muscle of the evangelical right. I go on to explain in detail that Hagee is a dangerous crackpot whose stated desire is to see Israel engage in an apocalyptic nuclear war with Iran.

So let's review and recap, shall we? AIPAC - according to its critics - is just about the most dangerous lobby on the face of the earth. AIPAC - again, according to its critics -would like nothing more than to wipe those stinking Arabs off the face of the map and is the organization promoting Zionism.

AIPAC welcomes and supports President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, Douglas Feith, Rev. Hagee and others who, according to the Wild Wild Left, are Neocons! And...AIPAC approves of Obama. This must mean that Obama - by using the same Liberal assertion of guilt-by-association (as Liberals do) - is no different than Bush, Cheney, Feith or any other "Neocon".

AIPAC gives Obama an A+ grade. Yep, this means that The Illinois Muslim is a Neocon. There is no other way to interpret this. If AIPAC welcomes Bush, Cheney, Feith and Hagee - and they welcome Obama - then Obama is the same as Bush, Cheney, Feith and Hagee.

This begs the question of how will all the AIPAC-haters justify the organization they hate so much approving of Obama, the candidate of their choice?

Well, the answer is easy. The AIPAC-haters, a bunch of uber-Liberal and Progressive anti-Semites, will use their superior and honed skills in hypocrisy, abject denial and double standards to justify that the group they love to hate gives The Illinois Muslim an A+.

Obama is simply pandering and posturing in order to win the approval of AIPAC and the Jewish voting bloc. Obama would like nothing more than to see Israel wiped of the map. Muslims stick together, and The Illinos Muslim is no different than any raghead terrorist who worships at the Altar of Terrorism.

Obama isn't going to support Israel or any other of our allies. He's going to side with Syria, Iran and other sponsors of terrorism. He's said as much. He's a Muslim through and through.


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