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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pelosi Tries To Kill Free Trade

35 former senior Democrats have signed and delivered a letter to U.S. Speakeress of the House Nanny Pelosi saying they support the Colombia Free Trade Agreement and resent Pelosi's attempts to kill the bill. WSJ Online:

    "We believe this Agreement is in both our vital national security and economic interests," the letter says. "We feel that the treaty should be considered as soon as possible and that any obstacles be quickly and amicably resolved." Good luck with that last point given Ms. Pelosi's eagerness to take orders from the AFL-CIO.

    But the men and woman who signed the letter are notable for their prominence in the Clinton and Carter Administrations – which is to say when Democrats were still a free-trading party. The list includes Bernard Aronson, former Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, whose area of expertise included Colombia. There's also Donna Shalala, former Secretary of HHS, plus Robert Pastor, former director for Latin America on the National Security Council and nobody's idea of a right-winger.

    Also Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen and former Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre; former Congresspersons Lee Hamilton, Dan Glickman, Patricia Schroeder, Steve Solarz, Sam Gibbons and Calvin Dooley, and former Senators Robert Kerrey, Bob Graham and John Breaux.

    Yes, we know: Former Members of Congress don't have to vote and face the wrath of the Teamsters. But they do know the national interest, and their three-page letter makes clear the damage Congress will do if it defeats the Colombia FTA.

You know...I can't be the only one who sees hypocrisy (yeah, shocking - I know - isn't it?) with the Democrats. It's not that long ago that when Patrick J. Buchanan advocated political ideas such as protecting American jobs that he was labeled an "isolationist," by the Lefties.

What will Nanny ultimately do? What will she decide? Her decision will be what someone tells her to do.



Well given that the Columbians are the enemies of socialism in South America, of course they don't deserve any free trade agreement. Pelosi knows this and of course she touches herself every time Chavez's name is spoken at a May Day parade.
"Nanny, speak...Nanny sit. Nanny roll over, play dead on this bill." I'd love to see Cindy Sheehan beat Pelosi. It's funny when Super-uber Libs oust the slightly less, Super-uber libs!
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