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Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama Wears USMC T-Shirt

Huh...Obama Hussein Bin Laden Obama The Obamalith...formerly known as Ted Kennedy's Poodle won't wear a U.S. Flag lapel pin, but he will wear a USMC T-shirt while playing basketball.

Wow, a what proud supporter he is of his country, huh? Why, he wrapped himself up in a USMC T-shirt faster than anyone in the
Insane Liberal Clown Posse could falsely accuse any Republican of wrapping themselves up in the American flag. Oh you Libs, you're so unprepared for events like when the USMC T-shirt issue comes right back slapping you like the bitches you is.

Obama managed a thoroughly staged photo-op in portraying the image that he is pro-America by playing basketball while wearing a USMC T-shirt. Yeah, the guy who won't wear a flag pin made sure he was photographed wearing a USMC shirt. See doubters, he's patriotic! He's wearing a USMC shirt! But for Obama those letters probably stand for United States of Muslim Communities.

The last time we saw a political event this staged and contrived unstaged and impromptu was when Bubba and Hillary were in their swimsuits dancing on some beach pretending to be unaware their photo was being taken.

The story mentions he played b-ball while "wearing a tucked in USMC jersey." Who plays any sport with their T-shirt tucked in? What kind of arugula and goat-cheese eating elitist freak is he?

Obama's faux patriotism in a USMC T-shirt, on full display for all photographers and reporters.
See, he's patriotic!
Nope, nothing staged about this...nothing at all.

Did you see The Poodle being interviewed by Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday? Why, it looks like Obama got himself a case of Donald Rumsfelditis.

He's now asking himself questions aloud and then responds aloud with an answer. The Left had a field day making fun of Rumsfeld for doing this. Somehow, I don't think the Left will apply the same standard to Obama. The Left is really good at embracing their obvious double-standards.

Obamaniacs seem to like Ted Kennedy's Poodle or The Obamalith, as I like to call him. I suspect his cult followers adore and worship him for two primary reasons; he's not a Clinton and he's not a Republican.

If Obama were a Republican, I'd have the same opinion of his politics as I do now. There's nothing there. He doesn't stand for anything. Even his hardcore political supporters and cronies cannot articulate any of his accomplishments.


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Osama is nothing more than a fraud wrapped in a lie and sauteed in deceit. His mind is without function. His thoughts are without form. He is a toady of the extreme elitist left. They aim to plant him in the Oval Office and leave him with the mere illusion of being in charge. He will be too stupid to know the difference or even care. The leftards claim Bush is nothing more than a tool of the neocons and Osama Bin Toady is the best they can come up with as an alternative. What a bunch of idiots. When will people realize Osama is nothing more than something hideous you would scape off of your shoe with a stick?
"sauteed in deceit..." BWA HA HA! I love that line.

We can't question his patriotism, though, because he is wearing a USMC T-Shirt.

Oh...Molson...after all the shit is over in November, we're gonna be stuck with 8 years of the Hillicunt, and that's a shame. I'd rather have 4 under Obama than 8 under the Beast, but whattaya gonna do?

McCain, if you read the post right below this one --- I'm done trying to work up my support for him and am not voting for him. He can suck Liberal Teat and pander all day to the crowd of Lefties he thinks will support him. And when all the votes are stolen, we'll have our first vagina in the White House.

I guess I've never asked, how do you feel about McCain, Molson?
McCain is one tough nut to crack. On one hand, he is somewhat batshit crazy. On the other hand, he can be a reasoned statesman. You correct in the assessment that he panders needlessly to leftards. They hate him and they will not vote for him. A guess a few may go off their rockers and vote for mcCain to spite HillBill or the Obamalith. I still feel that McCain is the lesser of the three evils. When i think of the Obamalith, I am reminded of Carter and the incredible damage he did in four short years. Would eight years of HillBill be worse? That is one tough call. I know McCain will fall prey to liberal idealism like he has in the past, but that can be dealt with after the fact. The one thing I believe is that the little piss-ant dictators of the world do have some fear of McCain. They know they can buy off the Clintlers and they know the Obamalith is just an illusion, but McCain is not so easy. He has some sort of self-induced grandiose vision of himself. McCain will not be one that piss-ants will want to screw with. Do I see problems with McCain? Yes. Is he a better choice than the other two? I see no other alternatives.
Molson...wow what a great comment! Glad I asked. Whew...you got me back to re-re-reconsidering I should support McCain. But I'm going to wait a while and see if he pulls any more shit like pissing on his own party. And as you know I'm an Indie-Conservative first, small L libertarian second and a Repub third.

But I really have issues with people who piss on their friends or those who they are supposed to care about.

I share your belieft that pissant dictators will fear McCain while they will not with Hillary or The Lith. I guess I have six more months to work up warming up to Mister Maverick.

..... and in the past you say you don't know what you would write about when I've suggested you start a political blog?!?! Dude, your comment is fantastic and worthy of its own post on its own blog. Go for it!
Thank you DD. That is high praise. The funny thing is that comment only represents a fraction of what I was thinking. Only a small amount filters out and often painfully slowly. The other problem is I need a jump start as I am not very creative on my own without that kick to the noggin. I don't know why. It's just the way I am. Your posts give me that kick. Also, I do wish the damn shift key on my Crapple keyboard would actually work when I press it. It only seems to work 50% of the time and I have to go back and fix it all the non-caps that should be caps.

I agree with your indie-conservative stance DD. I am still a registered Repub only because I am too lazy to unregister. The GOP has so abandoned it's core values these eight years under Bush, they do not deserve my support. I do not mean this as an anti-Bush rant. It is just a statement of the political world as I see it. Other than laziness, I am a registered Repub for one thing and that is Ronnie. After four dark depressing years under Carter, where all we heard was how bad the USA was and how the best was behind us, Ronnie came out and said nonsense, the best is still to come. He made no excuses and blamed no one. He took the criticism of the left and he stood tall and said the USA is still a great nation and went on to prove it. Did Ronnie have faults? Of course. He was not a god, he was a man. But he was one heck of an inspirational leader and that is what we need now. HillBill and the Obamalith don't have it. They never will. McCain could be that leader. I see the faint glimmer of potential in McCain, but somehow I feel he will just screw up and piss it away pandering to the left like he has done so often. You are correct to be skeptical DD and you are correct to demand more from the Repubs and from McCain.

Sorry. I guess I got a little long winded again.
Molson - there ya go with another comment worthy of an entire post. Good stuff.

I think I'm still technically registered as a Republican as well.

I agree Republicans are far from perfect, no party or politician is, but the Dems are just off the charts evil.

Reagan had his faults and so did H.W. Bush. I was in college when Reagan was president and I was much less Conservative then. Then I got out in the real world and started earning a paycheck and saw how fucking much the Govt confiscated and that was the end of my slight Liberal leanings towards earnings and taxes.

Carter's 4 years were indeed dark and depressing. I remember my dad waiting for fucking ever in lines at gas stations, as do many people recall experiencing the same.

HW's biggest fault was his "read my lips" phrase and then raising taxes. His second fault was "campaigning nice" when he ran against Clinton.

Dole made the same mistake as HW - "playing nice" in his campaign with the Clintons. When will Repubs learn you cannot fucking play nice with the Clintons? They will fuck you every time. And this is part of my problem with McCain -- he'll campaign "nice" and fucking lose and then he'll shit on his own party and blame them. I can't beleive McCain is the Repub candidate. Rudy is far more liberal than McCain but I could have supported Rudy, or Mitt, oFred. Christ, Ron Paul is looking good compared to McCain.

I'm gonna have to get me an alarm clock with a snooze button that lasts for 4 or 8 years if HillBill or the Obamalith get elected.

Not long winded at all. I always learn something from 'ya.

Thanks for the kind words, glad my posts give ya a kick; much appreicate the compliment,

My space bar is fucked. One of the two springy thingys doesn't work to bounce back up the space bar after depressing it, but luckily it still give me a "space" even when it's locked down. I can live with it.

Thanks for being a consistent visitor and commenter.
You are awesome and a great American!
I copied and pasted some of this on facebook...now I'll start getting flack!
Keep the torch burning!
Thanks John. I appreciate your kind words.

I believe I ran across some hits from you when you posted the image - of which as long as people reproduce my images "as is" is fine with me.

Thanks for commenting and visiting.
What the hell is this?

Barack's bodyguard is a USMC veteran, and gave the guy a shirt as a gift. Either you just didn't know that and ranted because you assumed it was a PR stunt, or you've got some other point.

Do you think Marines can't give their buddies gifts anymore?

Barack isn't allowed to wear T-shirts people buy him as gifts?

There are genuine things you can criticize about Obama, but this is not the PR stunt you're looking for. Next time do your research and find something real to rant about. They (the topics) are out there.
D. Graham...another phony blogger whose hypertext goes to a Blogger Profile Not Available page.

I'm breaking my comments policy of not publishing comments on posts 60 days old or older.

Obama wearing a USMC T-shirt IS A PR STUNT YOU DUMBASS! But you just don't get it, do you?

Read the links in the story DUMBASS. Obama, having not been in the military, especially the USMC, IS NOT ENTITLED TO WEAR THE CLOTHING!
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