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Friday, April 11, 2008

Obama Flip Flops On Public Financing

Well, another flip-flop lie from Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

In March 2007, Obama said he would agree to public financing with regard to his presidential campaign. NY Times:

    Senator John McCain joined Senator Barack Obama on Thursday in promising to accept a novel fund-raising truce if each man wins his party’s presidential nomination.

    The promises by Mr. McCain, Republican of Arizona, and Mr. Obama, Democrat of Illinois, are an effort to resuscitate part of the ailing public financing system for presidential campaigns.


    “Should John McCain win the Republican nomination, we will agree to accept public financing in the general election, if the Democratic nominee agrees to do the same,” said [manager of Mr. McCain’s campaign, Terry Nelson].

    A spokesman for Mr. Obama, Bill Burton, said, “We hope that each of the Republican candidates pledges to do the same.”

    Mr. Burton added that if nominated Mr. Obama would “aggressively pursue an agreement” with whoever was his opponent.

To clarify "aggressively pursue an agreement..." - he meant that Obama would accept public financing and do everything within his means to hold his Republican opponent to doing the same.

But now, in April 2008, corrupted by raising $40-some million dollars a month in campaign contributions,
Hussein Obama no longer wants to keep the promise he made in March 2007. AP:

    Barack Obama, whose fundraising prowess has set records, appears to be paving the way to bypass the public financing system in the fall without yet spelling out his intentions.

    Last year, Obama indicated he would accept public funds if his Republican opponent did as well. But as John McCain takes steps to accept the $84 million available in federal money for the general election, Obama has been hedging.


    "Barack Obama publicly promised the American people that he would accept public financing if he is the nominee of his Party. Launching his campaign by going back on a promise to voters would be dishonest, and exposes his politics of hope as empty rhetoric out of a typical politician," McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds.

He is the Magic Negro - Black Jeebus to his cult followers - flip-flopping on yet another issue, breaking yet another promise.

I could ask if the Left would let a Republican get away with what Black Jeebus is doing on this issue, but asking these questions is getting redundant. We ALL know the answer.


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The lefty hate machine runs on cash. Lots of it. I wonder if McCain has any idea of the hater tsunami that is about to crash down on his beach party. The Hanoi Hilton may look like a pleasure palace by comparison.
Left = Hitler Dum
Right = Hitler Dee

They Lefty Haters need their cash infusions, they sure do. And Obama going back on his word well, he can that, he's Black Jeebus.

You forgot to add smiley faces.
Great Photochop work. I can't believe the lefties can't see through Uncle Jemima and the Hildabeast.
Thanks anonymous. I always publish anonmymous comments that heap praise on me!
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