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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama: "Excuse Town" And "What He Meant To Say Was...," Empty Rhetoric

Absolut Bitter

Another day following Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle sticking both shoes in his mouth, we have another day of Democrats and Obamaniacs desperately spinning for Oama describing not only Pennsylvania voters, but everyone, as being bitter.

Obama played the Bitter card - saying things that had they been spoken by any Republican the Left would rip that politician to shreds - and here's a few samples of what I heard on Liberal Talk Radio on Monday, from callers and program hosts, who are in the tank for Obama and blind and deaf to any objective criticism of him:

"What Obama meant to say is..." (this one was really popular, almost seminar caller status on both Lefty and Righty Talk Radio)

"These are the words of a leader." (leaders tell their voters they are bitter?)

"At least what he said was the truth after seven years of Bush lying to us." (various versions of this one all day long in Liberal Radio)

"This shows he has experience." (various variations of this and a "huh-wtf are you talking about" reaction)

"The [Hillary] Clinton campaign is really twisting his words on this one." (this one is rich, creamy rich - little bits of nougat, and chocolaty rich).

"He's offering us a brand new type of leadership." (caller to Ed Schultz 14 minutes into the third hour of his program 4-14-08).

Yes, he wants to bring us the politics of bitterness. We all live in Hicksville, none of us wearing shoes. We marvel at them tall buildings that reach into the sky when we visit the big city once every five years.

Obama, The Arrogant.

Because it's never too early to compare a Liberal Politician to Hitler

It's the Left, all the Left, that is bitter. Wealthy Liberals are bitter, medium income Liberals are bitter and lower income Liberals are bitter. They're all bitter. The point is, their bitterness has nothing to their income level or comfort in lifestyle. It has nothing to do with gender, marital status, age or color. All Liberals are bitter.

Obama's "hope and change," is Bill Clinton's 1992 "I feel your pain." It's phony surface material.

The Delicate, Psychological-friendly Peaceful Left - if it were anyone but Obama calling Americans bitter - would be telling us the person who made those statements is "hostile," divisive," "mean-spirited" and worthy of some type of 12-step program and mental health counselling.

But the Left is handing out Lifetime Free Passes to The Pood.

Our exclusive political expert, Baby Democrat sums up this story:


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Is this like his recent comments that he intends to re-open the NAFTA agreement? Caused quite a stir up here. Of course after assuring Canadian officials the remark was intended for domestic consumption only it caused an even bigger stir down there when the entire episode was leaked. ;)
Hey, I don't know how old you are, what you do, or how in the world you have the time to put this together, but I'm pleased to have chanced upon your blog. This is quality. (and hilarious). I loved the "No smoking Nazi" stuff the best; those people are nuts.
The poodle is a complete fecking idiot. WTF does he know about Pennsylvania? It's just someplace he went to take a shit. I know about PA. I lived in Allentown for many years. I remember what it was like when Bethlehem Steel was still running. It stunk. You couldn't open your windows at night because of the smell. It made you eyes burn. Over time as Bethlehem Steel shutdown, the air cleared and it was possible to breath again at night. Yup. Jobs were lost, but a giant source of pollution and greenhouse gases was eliminated. Isn't that suppose to be a good thing according to the leftist greentarded philosophy? So exactly what does Qsama Dickstain Obama think he is going to do about the failure of Bethlehem Steel. Is he going to pass a law requiring it to be resurrected from the economic dead? Is he going to rebuild the stinky, nasty, greenhouse gas spewing, OSHA noncompliant factories so all the poor hicks can have a job? No. He's not going to do dick. No dumbasscrat is going to do dick except to whine, piss, and moan, and raise taxes for the FBI (Friends, Brothers and Inlaws). They are clueless. Maybe they can pass some laws to confiscate all the guns from all the poor, unemployed, bitter, hicks and then send all their kids to madrassas to learn the right way. That'll fix it all because everything Biblical is bad and guns are evil. They kill people. The poodle knows. He knows everything. Why before long PA will be like some kind of new age Club Med just like Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Vote Osama!
Hi Len. I heard about that. I tend to believe your govt's version of it than I believe Obama. From my understanding of it, Obama wanted to blame Canada, eh? ;-) Sounds like maybe he's watched too many "South Park" episodes??
Thanks Anonymous. That's might nice praise from you. How did you stumble across it? I'm for hire, tell your friends. Political partisanship not a problem, in other words, I work just as diligently as a paid consultant for a Dem candidate than I would a Conservative candidate.
Molson...I cannot add anything to something you said so well.
"Molson...I cannot add anything to something you said so well."

Well that is truly an honor from a master of political prose. Truth be known, I suffer from writers block worse than anyone I know. I have spent hours trying to write one simple paragraph. I actually struggled mightily with that response. It really wasn't what I had set out to say originally, but after reading it, I am satisfied with it. The writers block thing is why my blog is nothing but photos. Seriously, that is no lie and I did use to live in Allentown. Now I live in MI, another economic wasteland and I don't have any guns or religion to cling to. Damn it. I'm fecked.
Oh, you always think of an idea or method that I hadn't - I've never known you to have any cases of writer's block.

What's going to happen to the results from the election in MI, in your opinion? Will it be seated by the Dems?
Oh, Anonymous, I'm for hire as a freelance writer (journalism degree), media, web, photography, Photoshop manipulation and design, digital, video, film, radio, political consultation, blogger/pundit, etc. Tell your friends.
"What's going to happen to the results from the election in MI, in your opinion? Will it be seated by the Dems?"

Well that depends on who the great brain dead powers that run the Dumbasscrat party anoint to be the smear agent of socialist change. If it's HillBill, the votes count. If not, then the flea bitten poodle of hate and lies is the chosen one.
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