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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Global Warming Caused Virginia Tornadoes?

The Lefty side of the blogosphere is full of "evidence" that the tornadoes in Virginia were caused by global warming.

The appropriately titled The Daily Green (isn't that an off-colored bowel movement?) says, "Some scientists have warned that global warming will create conditions that will make tornado outbreaks more frequent and violent."

So, as is my job to debunk what Lefty sites and blogs "feel" rather than siding with facts, I spent a few minutes researching the worst tornadoes experienced in the United States.

The following information on the five worst tornadoes in the U.S. is from Suite 101 and they list their references and sources for what they published from data obtained by the National Weather Service, Live Science, Epic Disasters, Wikipedia and the Tornado Project:

    Number One: The Tri-State Tornado on March 18, 1925:
    Missouri, Illinois and Indiana were all affected by the Tri-State tornado.
    Death toll: 695
    Injuries: 2027

    Number Two: The Natchez Tornado on May 7, 1840:
    The Natchez Tornado first touched down in Concordia Parish, Louisiana then followed the Mississippi River for 7 miles before hitting Natchez Mississippi.
    Death toll: 317
    Injuries: 109

    Number Three: The St. Louis/East St. Louis Tornado on May 27, 1896:
    The St Louis tornado struck the southwest end of the city of St Louis Missouri creating a path of destruction through the urban area.
    Death Toll: 255
    Injuries: 1000

    Number Four: The Tupelo Tornado on April 5, 1936:
    The Tupelo tornado first touched down near Coffeeville and skirted the center of Tupelo but destroyed residential sections of the city.
    Death Toll: 233
    Injuries: 700

    Number Five: The Gainesville Tornado on April 6, 1936:
    The Gainesville tornado was actually a pair of funnels with the smaller one hitting north of the city and the larger one heading for downtown
    Death Toll: 203
    Injuries: 1600

Gee, it sure is funny that all the above tornadoes pre-date Albert Gore, Junior's faux crisis of global warming. But hey... Liberals and Eco-Tards never allow facts to get in the way of what they believe.



The great carbon gods are angry and they are unleashing their punishment on an unrepentant population. The only way to appease the carbon gods is to pay tribute to the high priests of carbon credits. By paying tribute and lots of it, you can become carbon neutral and the carbon gods will generously grant you a long and impoverished life. Be glad the great carbon gods don't request a liver or something.
Eco-Tards - that my friend is pure gold. Thanks for the vocabulary enhancement! :)
hey, like global warming didn't start until Gore mentioned it? sounds like you think things only exist after you hear about them. not very smart.
Molson, spot on. Maybe we need Carbon Footprinter Al Gore to sacrifice himself into a volcano to appease the global warming gods??? Wow, what a spark of flame, flatulence and explosion that fat fuck would make when he hit the lava.
Hi Mark, thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the term. I try to aim to please! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

You are so right. We should all panic because Al Gore, Junior is a huckster preaching specious science.

I direct your attention to the YEARS of the 5 tornadoes listed. If you're saying global warming is responsible for those 5 tornadoes then I'd expect you would have evidence to back it up. Sadly, you can only manage an ad hominem attack. Not very objective and definately not very smart.

And if I thought only like a liberal (which I don't) then yes, things would only exist only after I heard of them. But I don't think that way.
Of the tornadoes on that list, there is no more than a 66 year difference from then end of the US industrial revolution 1870. Two of them happening in 1840 and 1896 which is right around the same time the earth was emerging from a mini ice age. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age

Anonymous must not know that during the little ice age the earth cooled slightly and for it to warm up after that is not unexpected nor surprising.

A fine post as usual Davd.
EC, spot on. I have used the same argument in the past, the Little Ice age, in writing about the panic and over-reaction of the global warming alarmists who have convinced themselves the sky is falling.

I totally agree that after a cooling period it is not unusual to expect a slight warming. The Alarmists have no basis or facts backing them, just a bunch of ersatz science that is countered with just as many scientists and researchers who maintain that global warming is not caused by humans.

Thanks for adding your thoughts on this and for visiting.
This tornado hit 200 yards from by Mom's house! The neighbor lady said she saw a red car flying over their condos a couple of hundred feet off the ground! It was an EF-3 level twister; which is extremely high for this area. Thank God it missed her and my sister's condo 2 blocks North (who lost her house in Gulfport, MS to Katrina 2 years ago.)

p.s.: Al Dork is a F5 Douche-Bag!
Glad the family wasn't affected by the carnage.

You nailed it on describing Gore.
Global warming affects many country, in Asia, Europe and others. Soon all polar bears and penguins in north and south pole will no longer have homes. We should do something about this issue.
Global warming doesn't affect anything.

There's proof that there's more polar bears and penguins alive today than at any other time in history. But instead, you just keep buying into all the false bullshit Al Gore and his like-minded idiots throw at you.

Say...you write just like the little faggot "treehugger" from Boulder, CO. Is that you commenting under a different name?
Polar bears and penguins dont serve any purpose in the ecosystem. Let em die.
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