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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama's Many Sins And
The Lightweight Treatment By The MSM

When Will Obama's Free Ride End?

When does the Free Ride stop for Ted Kennedy's Poodle? When? When will he be held accountable and responsible for his words and his actions? When?

Specifically, when will the Democrats - who have spent the last seven years screaming that Bush and Cheney need to be held accountable and responsible - apply the same standard to Obama?

* His pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached hatred, anti-Semitism, racism and wild conspiracy theories.

* His church, the Trinity United Church of Christ, honored Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan. This is no different than if John McCain's church, or Mitt Romney's church had honored David Duke or the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

* His close adviser, "spiritual consultant" and delegate Rev. James T. Meeks is one of the "10 leading black religious voices in the anti-gay movement".

* His charitable donations - until he announced his run for the presidency - were pathetically, abysmally, virtually non-existent. Clearly Obama does not care about the poor, the homeless, the struggling middle class.

* He tried to pass off a $13,000 donation to the Congressional Black Caucus as a charitable donation and he got caught.

* He lied about the historical accuracy of how his father came to the United States.

* He claimed a breach of passport security, but then we learned that the CEO of the company that breached that security is an adviser to Obama on foreign policy and intelligence issues. The CEO also donated money to Obama's campaign.

* He refuses to place his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and he won't wear a U.S. Flag pin on his lapel, but when he delivered his Philadelphia speech he made sure there were eight American Flags well-placed behind him so all the camera coverage wouldn't miss them.

* He attended a private high school for the elite and the privileged while claiming he identifies with the Middle Class.

* He claims he never heard anything controversial uttered by Rev. Wright while attending Mass, but then he flip-flopped and admitted that he did.

* He lied about his public stance on NAFTA, telling government officials from Canada that his anti-NAFTA stance is all just "for show."

* He claims there was no hanky-panky or shady special deals with the purchase of his home between him and Anton Rezko, but why should we believe him when the amount he paid was $300,000 below the asking price?

* He's had at least two campaign staffers resign because of inappropriate behavior.

* He had another campaign staffer who proudly displayed a Che Guevara flag on the wall of his campaign office.

* He regrets his vote to help Terri Schiavo.

* He voted, as an Illinois State Senator, six times to permit babies to die that survive an abortion procedure.

* He did fundraising for terrorists and terrorist-friendly organizations, primarily for Palestinians living in what the United Nations terms refugee camps. We don't yet know what other terrorist organization he may have helped fund-raise or is connected to.

* He has admitted that as president he is willing to invade a sovereign foreign country, something that the Left foams at the mouth over when it comes to George W. Bush and Iraq.

* He has plagiarized the words and speeches of others more than once.

* He hasn't addressed the allegations made by Larry Sinclair. Sinclair's answers to a polygraph are - at best - inconclusive, leading to the possibility of Obama doing rock cocaine as recently as 1999. Further, Sinclair says the he performed oral sex on Obama.

* He says "babies are a punishment." Yeah, he's really pro-family, isn't he?

* He attended a Madrassa as a youth.

* He is inexperienced and has no gravitas.

* He is a Muslim.

* He stocked the audiences attending his speeches with fake female fainters.

* One of his own supporters, State Senator Kirk Watson, is unable to list one single accomplishment of Obama.

* His wife denounced her own country, a country that gave her every opportunity to become the successful woman that she is today. She has a housekeeper and she sees a personal fitness trainer four times per week. Middle class? I think not.

The only reason he has any support from the Democrats is because of his Democrat opponent and challenger, Hillary Clinton. Even Democrats don't like her now. Any other former Democrat presidential candidate would have garnered the same supporting numbers as Obama running against Hillary Clinton.

Obama is receiving the same Free Pass from the Left and the MSM, bereft of all scrutiny and examination, that Bill Clinton received in 1992.

If Obama was a Republican, his presidential aspirations would have ended a long time ago. The Left would have seen to that. The MSM would have breathlessly reported on every item listed above, never ceasing to lead each and every news story with these issues


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Great post David and I love that pic. You did a fabulous job. Truth reigns and hopefully in Nov. Obama will be a by word that is soon forgotten.
Thanks Layla, glad you enjoyed the pic. It was fun making it.

I so agree with you that I too hope Obama will be a word forgotten. He'd already be a "who was he?" if he were a Republican with the same list of items tied to him. But no...the Obamaniacs are turning a blind eye to him just like the Clintonites did to Bubba in '92 and '96.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Best to you and yours.
Does he attend the Trinity United Church of Christ or is he a Muslim?
Thank you so much. I want to know when do the likes of Chris Matthews get called to the carpet for biased reporting? These commentators (journalists not!) are arrogantly shoving Obama down the throats of anyone listening. Wish there were some kind of campaign to bombard the networks with mail calling on these people to at least attempt fair reporting. And what's up with these women from Air America? Rachael Maddow and RRhodes? Maddow thinks all commentators need to "educate" the audience on how the Rev. Wright and Obama's race speach should be viewed?! (ie; accepted as "normal", acceptable anger). Rhodes goes public with vulgar demonishments of Clinton and Ferraro? How do these people get away with this junk?
Thanks for your post.
You tell me Gary.
You're welcome Anony. You get one free comment being Anony. I usually don't publish Anony comments, whether they are favorable or disagree with what I write. Give yourself a handle next time so we can at least have a discussion and know who you are. Thanks.
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