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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Al Gore Doesn't Want To Intrude Into
The Energy Use Of His Rich Friends

Why did Global Warming Alarmist and Huckster, and the Man Who Would Not Be President, Albert Gore, Junior, in a recent
interview with The Sun say that he would never want to push his eco-beliefs onto his wealthy friends and the he would never ask or expect them to make sacrifices that would benefit the environment? Why, it sure sounds rather strange for someone who claims that so-called global warming could negatively affect the world for decades and with untold various disasters.

But while Gore wants you and me to reduce our standard of living, he has no expectation that his elitist cronies practice the same:

    The man who is now as much part of the Hollywood Establishment as he was a political player with the Democratic Party is very careful not to upset any of his celebrity friends.

    He wouldn’t dream of suggesting that their lavish jet-setting and gas-guzzling lifestyles could be reined in for the good of the environment.

    When we point out that David Beckham has recently been given the dubious title of having the worst carbon footprint in history – clocking up enough air miles to fly to the moon and owning 15 gas-guzzling cars, Mr Gore shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

    He knows what is coming next.

    When asked what he would say to the football icon – a hero to millions – about his impact on the environment, Mr Gore refuses to be drawn.

    He gives a huge belly-laugh at the notion that Posh and Becks could invest in an environmentally-friendly hybrid car such as a Toyota Prius.

    He careful considers his answer before saying: “I don’t think that’s my place. I don’t want to get into personally criticising anyone.”

Recall the information from the Daily Mail, July 2007:

    One hour in a Gulfstream jet burns as much fuel as driving a family car for a year.

It's not HIS place to criticize? Uh, isn't this what he's spent his entire life doing, especially with respect to his Global Warming Alarmist role?

My long-running standard test here, as regular readers know, is flipping the standards used by Liberals and applying it back onto themselves and their ideology. Let's do this with the issue of so-called global warming: Would anyone - especially anyone on the Left - even consider that so-called global warming posed a threat if the cheerleader crusading against global warming was former Vice President Dan Quayle instead of Junior Gore? Case closed pending new information.



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