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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama Is A Mac Daddy

This video is fantastic.

Reverend James David Manning has been a pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church since 1981.

In the below video Rev. Manning calls Osama Hussein Obama a, "mac-daddy".

Rev. Manning says that Obama, "pimps white women and black women."

He also states that, "you didn't notice [Obama] 'til he brought out those big-chested white women with their tight T-shirts and their short pants. That's what a pimp does. A con. You don't get your campaign started with a big-chested white woman, she must be a 54-D, double D. And a pair of shorts on. That's what started his campaign! He put his name on two big 54-Ds."

He also calls Obama a "long-legged freak."

Now we'll find out how compassionate and flexible all the Liberal and Progressive Obama supporting bloggers are, for so very many of them said the reason Rev. Jeremiah Wright upset so many white people with his sermons is that he was "loud" and "passionate" about what he preached. We'll find out just how tolerant these Liberal and Progressive bloggers are in their reactions to Rev. Manning.

Oh, and FYI.... Rev. Manning has been a supporter of Bill Clinton.

My favorite quote: "You spineless you-know-what, you don't have enough sense to pull piss out of a boot and you're talking about Obama as your president."

This guy rocks! Wooooooo Hooooooo!

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I can forgive Rev. Manning for liking Bubba. If I didn't know what Bubba was really about I would probably like him too. So be it. Kudos to Rev. Manning for his accurate assessment of the hater poodle. Unfortunately, the good Reverend will now be branded a Bush loving right wing neocon by the whiny leftards. I doubt the Reverend cares. By the way, what will the leftards do to occupy themselves without Bush around? They are going to have to make some shit up to whine about. Oh wait. My bad. That's what they already do.
"They are going to have to make some shit up to whine about."

They sure will. It's all they know how to do.

I agree with you on forgiving Manning for liking Bubba. The Dems will smear Manning now as rightwinger when he is anything but that.
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