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Monday, March 10, 2008

Eliot Spitzer, Emperor's Club

Eliot Spitzer, aka Client 9; fond of high-priced prostitutes, caught with his pants down.

New York Governor, uh, make that ex-Governor, Democrat Eliot Spitzer, aka Client 9, is
set to resign according to al-Reuters due to developments involving the investigation of a escort service prostitution ring of which Spitzer himself was a client. BBC:

    New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer has apologised amid allegations of involvement in a prostitution ring.

    The married father-of-three said he had acted in a way that violated his obligations to his family.

    Gov Spitzer, a Democrat, apologised to his family and the public, whom he said he should have served better.

    He made no reference to allegations published by The New York Times, which said he had been involved with a high-priced prostitution service.

    "I failed to live up to the standards I set up to myself," the first-term governor told a packed press conference at his Manhattan office.


    According to court papers, the investigation involves an exclusive prostitution ring called the Emperor's Club VIP, which operated in cities across the US, as well as in London and Paris.

    More than 50 prostitutes were employed by the ring, charging fees ranging from $1,000 to more than $5,500 an hour, prosecutors said.


    A close ally of Mrs Clinton, Mr Spitzer has pledged to support her campaign.

    He is one of the 796 super-delegates - party leaders and elected officials - who will vote on which candidate to back at the Democrats' national convention in August.

    Mr Spitzer was elected governor in November 2006, promising ethical reform in New York.

"Ethical reform"...bwa - heh, chuckle, chuckle.

"Emperor's Club." "Emperor"? You can tell how self-inflated Dems like Spitzer are with themselves just by the names of their clubs.

Here is why this story is so funny. Spitzer rode his white horse so self-righteously, posturing and posing himself as holding such a high degree of moral and ethical responsibility while claiming to be a champion of the "rule of law." I guess Spitzer is what you call a "Law and Order Liberal".

The Smoking Gun reports that " Client 9" asked that his escorts "do things that, like, you might not think were safe...".

Ah, those Good Olde Fashioned Democrat Family Values. I think they come hand in hand with a lifetime free prescription of penicillin and other antibiotics.

Spitzer...married and with three kids. Should the Right show as little compassion for the Spitzer family as the Left showed for the Giuliani family?

Some high class escorts hookers too, huh? Priced from $1,000 to $5,500 a pop? Whew, those Democrats sure know how to spend money, huh?

Any bets on how long before he announces that it's off to rehab for some sort or another type of addiction?



Why should he quit? He's a democrook. They always get a free pass. Ask Bubba. He'll tell you. On the other hand, I hope his wife removes his spleen in divorce court.
The Dems on Liberal Radio yesterday and today are full of "why should he resign" talk and that what happened to him is a conpiracy via Bush wiretapping all of us. The one thing the Left doesn't figure in is how Spitzer - of his own free will - was paying for prostitutes for the last 6-10 years.
Funny pic, he seems to tell us how long his penis is, isn't it?
As far as I am concerned, they get do whatever the hell they want with their money, it's not of our business except that if he is not wearing a condom and get infected by some prostitute, it shouldn't be Pbamacare that pays for it.
he seems to tell us how long his penis is, isn't it?

I do think that that's what Eliot is indicating there, Tym. You are correct.

Re: your comment 9-2-09 8.30PM: I don't disagree at all. Only that The Libs are the ones who claim they are the party of Family Values, which they most certainly are not!
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