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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Robert Somma Was A Republican? Really?

If you are not familiar with Bankruptcy Judge Robert Somma, let me bring you up-to-date on his story:

Robert Somma was a Federal bankruptcy judge who was picked up by the cops for driving while intoxicated after he slammed his car into a truck. The arresting officer(s) noted that Somma was wearing a cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and high heals.

Somma drove from Boston to a gay bar in Manchester, New Hampshire, because - according to reports - no one in Manchester would know who he was.

Robert Somma arrest photo

There's been some discussion and question of his political persuasion. I can't recall where I originally read this - not the comments section of my blog at the above link - but somewhere else, that stated Somma was appointed by President George W. Bush, therefore he must be a Republican.

But an astute commenter here makes a very important observation:

    No. 4 · Jason

    Um - I’m not sure where people got that he was “appointed” by Bush or that he is a Bush “crony.” First, as pointed out earlier, Bankruptcy judges are not appointed by the President. Bush probably has never even hear do [sic] (guessing he means "heard of" - Drake) this guy. Second, this guy makes his campaign contributions to DEMOCRATS.


Now...take a look at the Newsmeat link provided by commenter Jason, which is reproduced below.

See the fields for the contributor's last name, first name.

See the name of the contributor, the candidate or PAC they are donating to, the amount, and the date:

Why, it seems that cocktail dress, fishnet stocking, high heel - wearing Robert Somma has made campaign contributions to...

...wait for it ...

...Democrat candidates and Democrat PACs.

Now, if Somma were a Republican, why would he have made campaign contributions to Democrats and Dem Pacs?

Both the HuffPuffPoo and Aravoisis' blog are headlining Somma as a "Bush Appointee."

We need to clarify if Bush appointed bankruptcy judge Somma, or if he didn't.

Kingcast - if you read this - can you shed any light on this? Thanks!



Thanks for keeping us posted on this clown, Mr. Drake.

Has there been any update? I'm curious about things like:

1. will he stay married to his wife?

2. what reaction do his children have?

3. will his long-time secretary (Peggy, who incidentally lives in New Hampshire -- but I'm not sure where, in proximity to The Breezeway) stay employed in the court system and, if so, what the heck will she do between now and April 1st when Somma's not a judge anymore?

As they say in the funny papers, enquiring minds want to know!

I make a rare exception to my policy of not publishing anonymous comments. Actually, my comments policy (at the bottom of the page) states "anonymous comments have little chance of being published" - so far be it from me to break my own policy ;-)

I can't answer your questions, only the judge can. Or more accurately, the press if they report on it.

Perhaps more important are what will happen to his pets, if he has any. Who will get custody of the dog, ferrets and gerbils?

Who will get custody of what appears to his really bad rug?

Will he hit the daytime talk show circuit (Maury, Oprah, The View) in drag?

Stay tuned for "The further Adventures of Robert Somma."

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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