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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Robert Somma: It's A Drag
Being Busted For DUI

Federal Bankruptcy judge from Massachusettes Robert Somma decided to play while his wife was away.

Got himself all "dolled up".

Get's busted for DUI.

Somma says, "awwwww, that's thsuch a drag!"

From KUTV.com:

    A federal bankruptcy judge was arrested for driving drunk last week, but perhaps the most shocking part about the ordeal was that he was wearing women's clothing at the time.

    Robert Somma, 63, was arrested on Feb. 6 after his Mercedes-Benz hit a pickup truck on a Massachusetts road. When authorities removed him from the vehicle, they said he wore a black women's cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and high heels.


    The arresting officer did not mention the judge's unusual attire in the arrest report, but did write that Somma "had a difficult time locating his license in his purse."

    Somma reportedly failed a sobriety test following his arrest, which was located near the town of Manchester. Officials believe the judge drove from Boston because his wife was out-of-town and no one in Manchester knew who he was.

Somma had been drinking at, "New Hampshire's favorite gay and alternative bar", Newbury Daily News:

    The Manchester Union Leader reported that Somma was wearing women's clothing and fumbled through his purse to find his license. Somma told police he had been at the Breezeway Pub, which calls itself "New Hampshire's favorite gay and alternative bar."

Somma's Swearing-In Ceremony

Union Leader: Somma wearing "dress, fishnet stockings, high heels":

    Somma was placed on voluntary leave following a car accident Feb. 6 after he left a gay bar wearing a dress, fishnet stockings and high heels.


    Somma's Mercedes-Benz E320 sedan hit a pickup truck from behind about 11:29 p.m. on Feb. 6, the police report said. No one was hurt.

Concord Monitor reports Somma's multiple passouts:

    When the police arrived, Somma had trouble coming up with his driver's license, according to a police report. And he passed out several times while the police were talking with him, the police said.

Unconfirmed reports say Somma was concerned that he might have had a "run" in his stockings. (joke).

He has to be a Democrat.

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He HAS to be a Democrat, but bathroom hunter and liar Larry Craig HAS to be a Republican.

Honestly, as the bloke who broke this story on BostonNOW well before the mass media had it, I can’t believe that it outranks the other posts I’ve been submitted about legitimate Civil Rights issues and police abuse.



Bruce McKay’s arrest of Liko Kenney in 2003 was no doubt Unconstitutional and thus unlawful:

In Ohio State v. Sansalone, 71 Ohio App.3d 284 (1991) it is indeed lawful to resist an unlawful arrest; how do I know that because I know the successful Appellant. Let me be clear:

Bruce McKay had absolutely no legal basis to seize Liko Kenney but he did so, and naturally Liko was upset.

You have to pay attention, dammit. Pay attention. That’s why the charges for Liko having an empty pipe in his trunk were nol-prossed, and hence Bruce McKay’s “leniency” recommendation in sentencing after he smacked Liko in the jaw. It’s all BS and we’re going to expose it in our movie for an International film festival and there’s not one damn thing LE can do to stop it.

Listen to this audio segment regarding the Fox Hill arrests in the RSA 91-A Grafton County case styled KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte/Town of Franconia, and remember what Liko Kenney properly said to Bruce McKay:

21:04:01 - “You can’t pull people off the street and put them in handcuffs and drive them around for no reason.” [held: correct, as noted by Judge Cyr].
Perhaps you have overlooked the several posts on my blog where I agreed that Larry Craig was guilty of disorderly conduct. I never excused him for it. What I said was his behavior does not warrant his resignation, nor does what he did imply with certainty that he was trying to pick someone up in a public bathroom.

On the other hand we have Somma who was driving while intoxicated, causing a vehicular accident and collision. He was so intoxicated that according to the cops who nabbed him he passed out several times during questioning.

The two cases are not similar in the least.

As far as you writing I would not publish your comment, I don't know why you would make that presumption.

Finally, lighten up and buy yourself a sense of humor.
I thsimply love the dialogue bubble above Somma. Thsimply devine, Dave.
Thfabulous EC, thsimply thfabulous.
Uh, Ms. Somma is a Bush appointee, pal.
Hi Mikey!

I was waiting for someone who was paying attention to note that! Congratulations, you win the stuffed monkey prize.

David Souter was appointed (and confirmed) to the Supreme Court by George H.W. Bush, but Souter certainly has a solid history of voting with the Liberal wing of the court.

So what's your point?

Do you know what a bankruptcy judge does? They allow or dismiss bankruptcy cases all day long. Hardly a politically partisan job.

Don't forget Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor and she also sided with the Liberal wing of the Sup Court.

Just because "W" appointed Somma doesn't mean Somma is not a Democrat, does it? If you have proof, please provide.
Thing is, Larry Craig was really guilty of much more than "disorderly conduct" which is mere euphemism for solicitation.

And you are aware of course that the Senate Ethics Committee admonished Sen. Larry Craig for spending more than $213,000 from his campaign fund on lawyers without its permission and warned him against spending any more.

You rant on His Honor was not initially about him driving drunk, but about his sexual proclivities, BTW. Now if you want to take about drunk federal judges don't forget that bloke in Colorado who was too drunk to remember how he spent more than $3,000 at a strip club in two consecutive days; he was a top tier Republican who resigned under other ethics implications. Judge Edward Nottingham.

Sense of humor? That's hoolarious =^.)

I'm the last person you need to tell to "lighten up." I've been taking cameras into courtrooms and laughing at our government since 1996; take a look at last month's fiasco in Franconia :)


So here's my sarcasm for you:

"Dude, you're sthuth a good blogger......"

Publish this one.
Hello Christopher.

Well, I would have to ask to what more you wanted Craig to plead? He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. It seems as if you're asking that he be "tried in the Court of Christopher" or of public opinon - especially your opinion. That's not how things work though, is it?

I am aware of the $213,000 and that he was admonished by the Ethics Committee. If you feel that he should be punished more harshly, then you should voice your concern to that body. It is not up to you, or me, to mete out justice in Craigs case or Somma's case, is it?

My rant on Somma - I believe this is to whom you refer to as His Honor - consisted of 4 links to 4 stories about his DUI arrest. I wrote he played while his wife was away, he got all dolled up, busted for DUI and a took poetic license that he was concerned over a run in his stockings. I would hardly call this a "rant" on his sexual proclivities.

I am vaguely familiar with the Nottingham case. Is spending $3,000 of one's own money at a strip club illegal? Please let me know if it is and cite the case law that supports that. I don't think being drunk is against the law - is it - as long as one isn't behind the wheel of a car or is causing a ruckus in public. If being drunk - even really, shitfaced drunk - is against the law, then Ted Kennedy should be serving a life prison, shouldn't he?

I'm glad to hear you say that you have a sense of humor. This was not clear to me when I first read your original comments here and at Bostonnow.

Why wouldn't I publish your comment? We may not see eye-to-eye on some issues, but you're comments have been reasonable and non-inflammatory.
Dear David,


See then that's what the Internet and First Amendment should all be about. We come together, we disagree but we publish everything that is not absurdly inflammatory. And believe me I've gone after Teddy too.


As to Larry Craig, he got preferential treatment even in the charges just as almost every BigWig does.

I am so used to Republicans censoring comments that it has become more the rule than the exception, and I'm glad you are not that way. Seriously I have it documented with the Union Leader newspaper's boards and others. OTOH, I never pull a post from my blawg either, no matter how inflammatory and nasty toward me.

In not a Democrat or Republican or any party, I just have a short fuse for bullshit.

Well I will take your comment above, posted at 5:53PM as a complete concession and capitulation from you.

I don't know that Craig got preferential treatment or not. I would have to double check - but - I believe the arresting officer had no idea who he was when he arrested Craig. I mean really, who had ever heard of him until this? I had heard his name before only regarding his voting for some gun law, since he represents Idaho - a very pro Second Amendment state.

I agree with you that as long as comments aren't vulgar that it would be better if all sides - left, right, center - would publish and intelligently debate the issues on their blogs and sites instead of devolving into name-calling and such.

I don't doubt you that you have had your comments spiked or deleted at certain sites or blogs. I have had the same happen to me.

I'm an Independent Conservative first, a small "L" Libertarian second and a Republican last. The biggest difference between Left and Right - to me - is the hypocrisy from the Left, the pols, the media, the bloggers, the supporters.

I separate Democrats from Liberals and Progressives. I have no real issues with traditional Democrats. I feel the Libs and Progs have hi-jacked the party of JFK to the point where he wouldn't recognize it if he were alive today.

Like your short fuse for BS, these are the primary areas where I have a short fuse.

Stay in touch. Your comments are welcome here.

Similarly, I have a problem with Republicans who are fiscally wasteful. Speaking of which, have you seen the Minutemen video with Ron Reagan?


This ain't no picnic......

Oh, what one NH Republican had to say about me is kinda' interesting. He was my business partner but a human being, more importantly. I'm sure you'll get a kick outta' this:


I couldn't agree with you more on how too many Republicans spent money like they were Dems. We share common ground on that area big time. Ditto how Bush has spent money on everything but the Military and War. I will never fault any president, Demo or Repub, for spending money on the Military and Defense.

I will ck your link a bit later this evening.

Good to hear from you again! Thanks for commenting.
This level judge is appointed by the ciruit not the president so he is NOT a Bush appointee (and the 1st ciruit is verl liberal by the way). This judge is very pro-consumer (that means "for the people") and has a liberal track record. Read some cases. Sorry to spoil the party but you are hanging the wrong guy here people.
I'm not "hanging" Somma, he did that to himself when he got behind the wheel of his car with a Blood Alcohol Content of .12 and drove drunk, smashing into the rear end of another vehicle and got arrested.

Glad to hear he has a liberal track record. This proves what I guessed all along, that "he HAS to be a Democrat." The fishnet stockings and high heels pretty much cinched that.
Well David, I know that no Republicans cross dress.

Anyway, you need to check out this bit of ridiculousness going on now in Boston.

See you guys 'round.

heh - Christopher - thanks for all your input on this topic.

This issue seems resolved, in that in the past few days what I have read is that Banko judges are not appointed by presidents, rather they are appointed by circut - as I read at Bostonnow - and found at two other locations.

You have been most helpful all the way around on this issue and I'm pleased we are in good standing with each other. You're input is always welcome here. Keep in touch.
Christopher, just hit the link you provided:

“I am not a regular noose merchant,” chided Kohout.

Geeeeez...as opposed to being one of the many "regular" noose merchants?! heh.
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