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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama Will Fix My Soul?

Here's another fine example of the double standard and contradiction mentality held by Liberals and Progressives.

The wife of
Ted Kennedy's Poodle says her husband needs to fix our souls. Daily News-Record:

    Speaking before a crowd at UCLA, [Michelle Obama said]:


    ..."before we can work on the problems, we have to fix our souls. Our souls are broken in this nation."

Do I understand this correctly, that The Poodle wants to heal and fix my soul? I'm troubled by this, because he is mixing religion with politics and this is something that Liberals and Progressives claim they will not accept or tolerate.

Michelle Obama, married to Ted Kennedy's Poodle, Jeebus , Allah , The Soul Fixer

But it's okay for The Poodle to mix religion and politics? This can't sit too well with the atheistic and secular Left, can it?

Do you suppose The Left would be as supportive of "fixing souls" if those words were said by Mike Huckabee, John McCain or that Mormon Mitt Romney? The Left would treat "fixing souls" the same, wouldn't they, because The Left is anything but hypocritical - right?

Michelle Malkin explains this perfectly and succinctly:

    When Republicans talk about broken souls in the context of civil society, the nutroots start screaming about the obliteration of the church-state line.

    When the Obama campaign uses the same rhetoric to get him elected to the White House, everyone swoons.

Ted Kennedy's Poodle needs to fix our souls? Good thing he's not a Republican saying the same thing.


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