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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Obama Fake Fainters

There are at least four - count 'em - four substantiated cases of people allegedly fainting at speeches by Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

In all cases, the fainter is a woman.

In all cases, the fainter is at the front of the stage.

In all cases, Ted Kennedy's Poodle says the same thing: "Giver her some space. Make way. Can we get an EMT?"

And then - right on cue - he hands someone a bottle of water.

These fainting spells are far too numerous to be mere coincidences.

Here is one example from a Harford, CT speech:

Here is another "fainter" at a New Hampshire rally.

Here's an alternate source for the New Hampshire "fainter".

Here is another "fainter" at a Santa Barbara rally.

Here is an MP3 of another alleged "fainter."

Rudy Giuliani gets a cell phone call from his wife while giving a speech, and immediately the Left claims it was a "plant", that it was "planned."

Well, let's watch the Left fall all over themselves claiming all the fainters during Ted Kennedy's Poodle speeches are legitimate.

Fakes, phony and fraudulent fainters for Obama. Maybe they are a new group supporting The Poodle?

Additional info at My Northwest.com.


Obama speech in Los Angeles "Fainter":

Another "Fainter" at Obama Iowa Speech - click here

He's your president now, bitch.
Naaaaaw. He's not my prednint. He's a phony, birth-certificate-hiding impostor from Kenya. An America-hating liberal cocksucker. That's that he is. You love kneeling in front of your biracial Mass's don't you? You're no better than the goose-stepping Nazis who thought Hitler was the greatest thing since non-stick cookware. You're a sad pathetic person.
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