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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CFLs Bad, Very Very Bad!

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are not good. They are bad. Very bad. Very harmful. How could the enivro-lunatics embrace such a hazardous product? Well, because it's more important to "save the earth" and if you die, or poison yourself or someone else by using CFLs, you don't matter. Only "Ma Earth" matters.


    Merlin and Rachel Ames are eager to help the environment, so they swapped their incandescent bulbs with energy efficient compact florescent lightbulbs, which are supposed to last nine years.

    In the last twelve months, they've have to replace some CFLs two times.

    Merlin Ames explained that just last week, "It started flashing a little bit there and smoking. The odor was really bad. I thought we ought to get out of the house real quick".


    They were shocked to discover the bulbs contain a small amount of mercury according to a notice is printed on the bulb.


    However, because mercury is toxic--you need to take precautions if one breaks.

From dbTechno:

    A study has shown that the mercury can leak out if the bulbs break when dropped or thrown away. A Maine study has confirmed that the mercury does pose a health risk to people.

    According to environmental advocates, when the bulbs are broken the mercury vapor has the capability of being released into a home. This can cause quite a health hazard.


    ...people should not vacuum up a broken CFL bulb. This can cause mercury to spread through the air.

There have been instances where public schools have had to close while they cleaned up mercury spills. And yet...the "earthers" are adamant that we all MUST BE FORCED to use CFLs because we are - allegedly - "killing" the earth and the environment.

It's funny that "science" and the "earthers" can tell us in no uncertain terms that there is NO such thing as a safe level of second-hand cigarette smoke, yet we are asked to expose ourselves to high risk health problems related to mercury vapor. What a crock!

Watch this short film about what the pro-CFL crowd doesn't want you to know about the evils of CFLs.


Here's fun true story. I stuck a thermometer into a cup of coffee so I could get out of going to school one day. The thermometer broke in half, I removed the glass from my coffee and drank the coffee anyway. I still did not get sick. Maybe it's a different kind of mercury.

By the way, I like those new flo lamps. Very little heat gain, so colling costs are lower. And they are pure white, too. Call me weird. No, really, call me weird.
I had somethng similar happen when I was a kid. I was home from school sick and my mom took my temp with what then was the typical oral mercury thermometer, my temp was running high. When done, she was doing something or other, and I remember rinsing the therm off under hot water running from the kitchen tap, and the little glass bubble holding the mercury melting right off. I saw the stuff float down the sink drain.
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