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Monday, February 11, 2008

Place The Blame On The RINOs

I am puzzled by - and I have trouble understanding - the Republicans who claim to be Conservatives, yet they are supporting and endorsing John McCain's presidential candidacy. More outrageously, they insist other Conservatives set aside their ideology and compromise, settle and support McCain.

Those of us who do not view McCain as being Conservative enough are being asked, once again, to compromise and settle - to suck it up - and support and vote for someone because he has an "R" after his name. Excuse me, but this is what the Democrats do, voting for someone because they have a "D" after their name.

As I've written before, I'm an Independent Conservative first, a "small L" Libertarian second and a Republican third. And we are being told by those who consider themselves a Republican first that we need to support McCain, of whom too many of us consider a RINO. What these Republicans don't seem to grasp is that compromising and settling for RINOs is what's lead to the dilution of the Conservative Gene Pool in the first place.

Those of us who don't consider McCain as truly Conservative enough have held our nose and gritted our teeth and moved to the Center, voting for RINOs - or more accurately CINOs, Conservatives In Name Only - for too long.

We've seen what putting RINOs in office does to the Conservative movement. We see this in Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Republican Arlen Spector, Minnesota U.S. Senator Republican Norm Coleman, Minnesota Governor Republican Tim Pawlenty, Nebraska U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel, California Governor Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. Congressman from Minnesota Jim Ramstad and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who was a Democrat who turned Republican for no other reason than he couldn't get on the Dem ticket and who now, apparently considers himself an Independent. All of these politicians are Republican Lite or CINOs. Some - like Coleman and Bloomberg - have never really shed their Liberal skin.

Members of Conservative Ideology are tired of supporting Republican Lite candidates. We have been asked to settle and settle and settle year after year - and we have - and we're tired of it. This is why we are not excited about McCain. This is why we are skeptical and dubious about McCain. This is why we do not trust him. This is why we cannot see ourselves turning out in great numbers for McCain come November.

Those who say they are True Conservative Republicans - the ones who are supporting McCain - should have supported Ron Paul, for he is far more ideologically a True Conservative than is McCain.

The group to blame who is responsible for watering down and diluting the Conservative Movement are those who are asking Conservatives to once again settle and compromise by supporting Republican Lite candidates. We've done this, we've settled for too long. By not supporting McCain we realize that this may mean four or eight years under Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. But what should emerge afterwards is a much stronger and cohesive Conservative Movement.

The patient in Intensive Care is True Conservatism. The patient needs to be put into a medically induced coma so in the future it emerges healthy and ready to do battle.

Don't be blaming Conservatives for not supporting McCain and other Republican Lites. The real culprit is Republican Lites and RINOs or CINOs and those who've compromised their ideology by supporting them. Conservatives have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the past by compromising, settling, supporting and voting into office the Lites, the RINOs and the CINOs. What has it gotten us?


I have a Google alert set to notify me when there are news articles or blog posts about the Obama BC issue.

I read them all, discount the liberal and BS stuff about how the Constitution doesn't matter and when I run across a conservative blog, I always check to see what they said about the good doctor.

If he is disparaged with attacks that have no basis in fact, I make a note to never return again. Sadly, there are almost as many of those as there are the liberal types.

My search found this post and I'm going to subscribe to your blog via my reader so I won't miss anything.

I did not agree with Ron Paul on all the issues, but I do think he was the most honest of all the candidates and that should be the very first qualification we should look for in our elected officials.

I voted for McCain, then came home and took a long, hot shower. I might very well have left blank the presidential part of the ballot if it hadn't been for Sarah Palin. (and I wasn't totally enthused about her, either)

Sorry to have posted to such an "old" post, but just wanted to say I'll be eagerly looking fwd. to future posts.
Hi Mike.

Not a problem adding a comment to an old post. The guidelines here are elastic.

Thanks for subscribing to my blog and your kind words.

There are some ideas Ron Paul has that I like. Whether he's presidential material...I dunnno. By no means do I mean to imply Obama IS presidential, hes not, not at all. At least McCain had gravitas, but he spent too many years biting his own party.

Hey, I clicked on your hypertext name/link and see you list Bladerunner as one your fave movies. Me too. Which version do you like best - the original directors cut or the original theatrical release? Ridley Scott released "his" version some years back and he eliminated the voice over narration which for many (including me) fans was a big plus. Just curious.
I would agree about RP being pres. material, at least I too had a few doubts. Still, looking around at what we were offered....I made my choice, made the vote in the primary and feel I still made the right choice and am not ashamed of it.

RP isn't charismatic and while I agree with what some might call his "isolationist" attitude, I also realize that isn't possible in these days.

"Rubbing elbows" with "some" of the RP supporters was difficult at times, though. -grin-
"RP isn't charismatic"

Well, I certainly agree with you there. Either was, IMHO, John McCain.

It's unfortunate that much of our (and world) political leaders must possess charisma before intelligence and experience. I have a lot of respect for Paul.
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