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Monday, January 28, 2008

Norman Goldman "Bill Clinton Is A Moderate Republican."

The date: Monday, January 28, 2008
The time: 52 minutes into the second hour of Liberal Radio's "Big Fat Drunken Dog-Shooting Ed Shultz Show"

Big Fat Ed must have still been hung over from the State of Blue Balls party that AirHead America hosted this past Saturday night at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Boy...if ever there was an event made for crashing an airliner into it, killing all the Liberals and Progressives in attendance...where's an al-Qaida terrorist piloting an airplane when you really need one?

Anyway - today the Moon Pie Faced Norman Goldman substitute hosted the Ed Schultz Show. At 52 minutes into the second hour, Moon Pie...I mean Goldfarb said - and I paraphrase - that Bill Clinton often referred to himself as a moderate Republican.

I spent 30 minutes searching Google and Yahoo for any story where Bill Clinton referred to himself as a moderate Republican and could find none. Nothing.

I found stories where other people called Bubba a moderate Republican, but none where the unregistered sex offender referred to himself as a moderate Republican.

Maybe Moon Pie can provide a factual reference to back up his words? Probably not, it's just another lie from Moon Pie.

FYI: Goldslob is the one on the right.


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Bubba is definitely not a moderate Republican anymore than he was the first black president. Bubba is a sex offender democrook lying sack of man gravy and Goldslob is a turd sucking libertard POS. May they both be forced to eat California raisins off of the Swamp Cow's fetid and gnarled ass cheeks. Forced? Ahhh. They'd probably enjoy it.
I agree. I'm waiting for Moon Pie or any other LefTard to show me where Bubba said that about himself. I imagine I will be waiting a long, long time.
Clinton a "moderate Republican"?!? "Moderate"??!!?!?! Utterly ridiculous.

It was uber-Liberal Goldman who said and called Clinton was a "Moderate Republican."

Not me.

Goldman also said "Clinton often referred to himself as a Moderate Republican."

I can find no quote or substantiation that Bubba considered or referred to himself as a "Moderate Republican" which makes Liberal shithead Norman Kikeman wrong, as all Liberals always are.

Here's the date and time GoldKike spoke his words.
Monday, January 28, 2008
The time: 52 minutes into the second hour of Liberal Radio's "Big Fat Drunken Dog-Shooting Ed Shultz Show"

By all means, pay Fat Dumb Wife Beating Ed Schultz money to access his program archives and you can hear it for yourself.
You're sad and full of hate. I don't like Ed Schultz but he doesn't shoot dogs and beat his wife. With this kind of language you have no credibility.
@: Dickhead Anony @ 4.35pm 11-25-09:

On the contrary, I am full of sarcasm, satire and truth.

A drunken Ed did indeed shoot and kill his own dog while on a hunting trip and he did indeed beat and physically abuse his first wife Maureen.

But facts really don't really carry any weight with Kool-Aid drinking Liberal Obama Cultists like you, do they?

I have more credibility than 99% of any Liberal blogger and web site because I stick to the facts.
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