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Friday, January 18, 2008

Crybaby Kucinich Just Won't Stop

I can't keep up the pace of coming up with new photoshopped images of Dennis Kookcinich as a crying, whining, hissy-fit, tantrum-throwing WATB.

This time, the UFO Man got all "big government" on a councilman who is running against him. Well...how about that...Kookcinich, who claims to be a candidate for the "little guy", uses his congressional power to smack down a political challenger. Kookcinich must enjoy his role as The Littlest Emperor.

From Cleveland.com:

    Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman hoped to get noticed by showing up with a camera-toting campaign worker two weeks ago at the Lakewood congressional office of his rival, Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

    Instead, Cimperman got the unwanted attention of federal authorities, who questioned him this week about the visit.

    Kucinich, who is trying to defend his seat against Cimperman and three other Democrats in the March 4 primary, asked a federal agency to investigate the camera stunt, saying it broke federal law.

    Kucinich made the request after Cimperman delivered a "missing" poster to his office on Jan. 3. Cimperman was mocking Kucinich for campaigning for president around the country.

    He tacked posters featuring pictures of Kucinich to poles near his Detroit Avenue office. They said: "Last seen: Iowa and New Hampshire - anywhere but Northeast Ohio."

    Cimperman entered Kucinich's office while a campaign worker taped him dropping off one of the posters at the front desk.

    "I walked in, asked for Dennis, dropped off the poster and walked out, all in one big motion," Cimperman said. "I was polite and in there 20 seconds."

    But Kucinich, who is seeking a seventh term to Congress while aggressively running for president, believed the incident violated the privacy of constituents visiting his office.

    "The people must have some assurances that their government does not allow individuals to enter the premises and film them while they are seeking federal assistance," Kucinich's office wrote in a letter to the Federal Protective Service. An agency under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, it has law enforcement jurisdiction over government offices.

    The letter, written by Kucinich's senior counsel, Martin Gelfand, said Cimperman was accompanied by a "camera crew" and tried to "interrogate" a staff member.

    Gelfand sent the letter with Kucinich's approval five days after Cimperman's visit.

    Cimperman broke federal law and "damaged the relationship with constituents," Gelfand said in an interview.


    Cimperman said a federal agent from Homeland Security interviewed him and his campaign staff on Tuesday and warned him that cameras are not allowed in the government offices without permission. Cimperman described Kucinich's reaction to his Jan. 3 visit as "an absurd waste of taxpayers' dollars."

    "The Department of Homeland Security has plenty to do without wasting time talking to me," he said.

    Cimperman posted a video of his visit on the Internet. No constituents are seen in the video.

    In the past, Kucinich has called on the government to rein in its police powers.

    In a 2006 speech opposing the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act, which gives the government broad powers to investigate suspected terrorists, Kucinich railed against government intrusion.

    "History tells us that unchecked police powers with little or no oversight will be abused and the citizens will be harmed," he said. "I am for police function that protects citizens of this great nation, not a police function that is used to terrorize them."

So...the WATB, hissy-fit-tantrum-throwing Littlest Emperor opposed the reauthorization of the Patriot Act and condemns "unchecked police powers", but what's the first thing he does when he feels his office space is encroached upon? He calls for Homeland Security because he's no different than any of the other impotent Liberals who suffer from the Napoleon Complex.

I may have to rethink bestowing the title of
The Sissy to John Edwards and instead name Kookcinich as The Sissy.

Whatsamatter Dennis, afraid of a camera? Afraid of 20 seconds of being taped on video where you might be caught off-guard looking like the little dwarfish fool that you are? Wow Denny, good thing you had your toady Gelfand call Homeland Security. There might have been a UFO hidden in Cimperman's camera! That UFO could have shot an evil death ray at you!

Dennis, the real question is, who has your testicles? You first wife? Your second wife? Or your third wife? Or maybe you never had any to begin with - that's how it sounds.

Tomorrow or the next day we will probably be treated to yet another news story of Kookcinich
whining, crying, stomping-his-feet temper tantrum. Why? Because this is how spoiled, immature, selfish little Liberals/Progressives act. This is the only way they know how to behave.



HaHa! WATB! I love it. I was thinking he was more like a WA Moonbeam Baby. Plus I love how the "Kookmobile" is equipped with a five point safety harness. You can't be too safe when throwing a tantrum in heavy traffic.
And he can almost go tinkle by himself!

What a f*cking LOSER Kookcinich is. Man, what a pissant crybaby whining POS. If he were a Repub, he would be the target of every Liberal - and rightly so - in poking fun at what a whiner he is. Christ - and he wants to be president? I think he suffers from delusions of grandeur and other undiagnosed mental maladies.
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