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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gore Is Not Going To Run

Albert Gore, Junior will not enter the presidential race.

Yeah, sorry to highlight what will be a fact for those good, ole steeped in denial DemocRATS living in their Little Pretend World out there, but the King of So-Called Global Warming won't be giving up his gig as a cross between World Schlockmeister and P.T. Barnum so that he can play office and pretend to run the country.

But hey, Dems, keep hoping he'll run - keep wishing - it's fun watching your happy face change from the hopeful-but-no-chance-belief expression to your usual scowl and grimace when you realize reality. You're so predictable. And fun to laugh at.


Nice schadenfreud!
politics could never fill the void in Gore's life the way that void is filled by his Enviro-Whacko-Groupies and the mega-tons of money the global alarmist gig pays him.
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