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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dennis Kucinich's Stealth Edited Answers.com Page And Other Things
About Him You May Not Know

Dennis "UFO Man" Kookcinich has no chance whatsoever to win the presidential election. Still, I thought it was fun to mention the below items about him From Answers.com:

* Did you know his economic policies as Mayor of Cleveland drove the city into bankruptcy? YeppireeBob, sure did.

* Did you know he is twice-divorced and on his third marriage? This has to be a very important item because the Left says it is an important issue regarding Rudy Giuliani and his third marriage.

* Did you know that when Kookcinich wed his third wife he was 58-years old and she was only 27-years old? This has to be a very important item because the Left says so regarding the age difference between Republican Fred Thompson and his wife.

* Did you know the Kookster's "...congressional voting record has also leaned toward a pro-life stance"? But then he simply had to flip-flop on the issue in order to get support from the Insane Liberal Clown Posse.

* Did you know he has never held a "real job"? His entire life has been spent as a politician. This one is a hoot, considering it's the Far Fringe Left that always says what Washington D. C. needs less of is career politicians. The Kookster is one, long, lifetime career politician.

As a matter of fact, after getting the boot from political office, he was broke:

    Without a steady paycheck, Kucinich fell behind in his mortgage payments, nearly lost his house in Cleveland, and ended up borrowing money from friends, including [actress Shirley] MacLaine, to keep it. [13] On his 1982 income tax return, Kucinich reported income of $38.

* Did you know he wants law-abiding citizens without any criminal history to be banned from the sale and purchase of handguns?

    In the aftermath of the April 16th shooting in Blacksburg, Virginia, Kucinich is proposing a plan to address violence in America. Kucinich is currently drafting legislation that includes a ban on the purchase, sale, transfer, or possession of handguns by civilians.[27]

But his phoniness and faux stance on handguns - well...it didn't apply to him when there was an alleged threat on his life.

The below item is a screen capture of the Dennis Kucinich Answers.com entry from December 20, 2007, noting that he carried a handgun because of an alleged plot to kill him by the "mafia":

Click HERE for large version of the above image.

However, the second paragraph is today - December 21, 2007 - nowhere to be found!

Who is stealth editing the Kucinich Answers.com page?

Why was the second paragraph excised from his Answers.com page? Does he not want his supporters to know of his rank hypocrisy?

What is he or his staff trying to hide? That he wants to do away with the Second Amendment, but when his life is threatened he can carry a concealed handgun? I think Nazi Germany started its campaign on a similar type of hypocrisy.

Who removed the second paragraph and why?

Also missing from the latest version of his Answers.com page is his support for reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, part of which can be seen from the December 21, Answers.com image above: "Support for reinstating the Fairness Doctrine".

Someone is doing some heavy revisionism on the Dennis Kucinich Answers.com page. It reeks of a conspiracy and of a tiny little man trying to cover his tracks.

For those who may have trouble spelling his last name, "L-O-S-E-R" or "F-A-K-E" will do just fine.


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Mr. Drake:
You impress me as a real rocket scientist. Did you know that answers.com is a by-product of Wikipedia/dmoz. In those places, folks can apply and become volunteer editors. All editing is supervised. I have been a volunteer editor for both entities and my experience has been, if anything appears slanted, someone will eventually find it, cry foul, and it will be researched and changed if needed. Old topics may linger a bit with incorrect information, but candidate profiles in an election year, no chance. You have some difficulty with what the article said, my suggestion to you would be to go ahead and donate your time for some volunteer editing.
On another note, I do notice that you write "sound bites", specifically criticizing something without reference to the total story. It does appear that while Kucinich was initially criticized in his position as mayor, years later folks realized that he was correct in not selling the utility company to a private source. Didn't he do that to save the citizens from never ending utility price hikes?
As far as the gun issue, perhaps if others didn't have guns, there would no need to carry a gun during a time when one's life has been clearly threatened. Personally, I don't know how I feel about the gun issue, we certainly have much bigger fish to fry in our nation today. I'm sure you will agree.
Finally, you appear to be using childish means to "personally" attack a person's name. Do you not like what Kucinich has to say? Then don't vote for him! You appear to want the perfect candidate, and I wish you luck in find the 100% candidate. You may never vote again, I'm assuming you may have voted in the past of course. But really, analysis on issues that concern the constitution is important. The current administration doesn't seem to follow that document at all. Do you prefer the risk of detention without any rights for yourself, even over ridiculous matters, or accident of mistaken identity? Do you want all security in this country handled by trigger happy folks with automatic weapons with immunity from public action? Your post clearly shows you to be the loser, as personal attack is your method of debate and analysis, just as the mainstream media that attempts to censor every free thought we have. If you don't like the volunteer editing at answers.com, you may want to find a few books to read and do some editing for yourself.
Well, Jurnei...

There's nothing like starting out a comment by insulting someone and name calling (re: Rocket Scientist). Why, I bet your one of those uber-Liberals/Progressives who believe in from cradle to grave dependence on govt. Am I right? Let me know.

Yes, I do know Wiki and Answers can be edited by anyone. What's your point?

Are you saying what has been stealth edited at the Answers.com page about Kucinich isn't true or didn't happen? I have the screen shot. Someone is edited out unfavorable info about him. Gee, I wonder why?

Kucinich's economic policy drove the city to bankruptcy. Are you saying that didn't happen? Readers can click on the link to find out the specifics, that's why the link to the Answers.com page is included in what I wrote. Are you too stupid to click on the link or would you prefer a government worker do that for you?

What he did with regard with the utility company didn't help the citizens, did it? No, it caused the city to go into bankruptcy.

RE: The gun issue - it's not up to you or the Kookster to ban guns. There's this little thing called the Second Amendment - perhaps you've heard of it, since you must be a rocket scientist. The Second Amendment is the one right after the First Amendment, which I'm sure you've heard of, it's the one stuck Liberal pigs like you cry about the loudest.

It doesn't matter whether you or I think there are better fish to fry. The Second Amendment is no more "fluid" than the First Amendment. People like you just don't get it, do you? If a criminal wants to get a gun to commit a crime, they are going to get a gun. They are not going to go through the process of acquiring a handgun LEGALLY, the way law-abiding citizens would.

I would like to know why you would object to law-abiding citizens acquiring a handgun through the proper and legal channels? Perhaps you sympathize more with criminals like the Columbine killers Klebold and Harris and Cho, the shooter/killer at V-Tech. You just don't "get it" that someone intent on obtaining a gun illegally can do it. No - you'd rather prevent a law-abiding citizen without any criminal history from obtaining a legal item that can be used for self-defense.

Why, you're just a huge pacifist, aren't you? If you or your loved ones were personally attacked, would you try to defend yourself or capitulate? Don't bother replying, I think I already know the answer.

RE: Personal Attacks Awwwwww, you don't like it when I call him KOOKcinich? What a shame. Again, presuming you're a liberal, you belong to a political party that calls the men and women of the U.S. Military "baby killers" and "terrorists" - recall John Kerry on "Meet The Press" saying "U.S. soldiers don't need to be going into the home of Iraqis in the dead of night and terrorizing them."

The Left calls anyone who doesn't think exactly like they do names and worse. You're argument falls on deaf ears with me.

The Constitution Wow - suddenly under Bush the Liberals are aware of the Constitution?!?! Where were they all the previous years?

Those being detained are terrorists and enemy combatants. They cannot be defined as traditional enemies who - like the Nazis or the Japanese during WW II - belonging to a centralized country and were a defined army.

Maybe you don't know it, but due process and Habeas Corpus doesn't apply to foreign terrorists.

As far as "automatic" weapons - they are illegal in the United States for law-abiding citizens to own. The only people who may have "automatic" weapons are the criminals or terrorists.

If you have proof that Kookcinich 1) never advocated for confiscation of handguns, then please provide such data;

2) If the Kookster never advocated for reviving the Fairness Doctrine, then please provide such data;

Let me guess - you advocate Socialism in its most severe form, want to capitulate to any country or group of people that want to do us harm and sincerely believe in your heart that the US should never, ever defend itself. Perhaps you're living in the wrong country if you believe these things.

I don't know if "Jurnei" is male, female or other. If female, your comment clearly shows you are a dumb cunt who hasn't bothered to research anything; instead you write from an emotionally based hatred instead of using facts, afraid that facts could change what you so desperately want to "believe". Maybe you want to familiarize yourself with these things called "facts". And if you're a male, well, the same applies.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts.

HA! Just spent a moment at your site. You have the audacity to bitch at me for name calling and your top post is Keith Olberwiener and your post title labeling Rudy Giuliani an "American Terrorist".

Oh well, hypocrisy is the definition of Democrats, Liberals and Progressives, isn't it?

Wow, you blog is just filled with hatred and Bush Derangement Syndrome, isn't it? I guess all that hatred makes it hard to absorb factual information.

I'd have a molecule of respect for Liberals and Progressives if they applied the same standards to themselves and their own politicians as they do to Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians, but your double standards and loyalty to Socialism and Stalinism won't allow for that, will it?

You spelled Giuliani wrong in your headline btw. Take a break from your ideology of hatred, that isn't in full goose-step with yours, and a break from Bush Derangement Syndrom and spend some time with a dictionary or learning how to use spell-check. Everyone makes a typo now and then, but one should get a candidates name correct, unless of course, it's KOOKCINICH, then anything goes.
"my suggestion to you would be to go ahead and donate your time for some volunteer editing."
Heh the wacko Wiki worshippers always give that answer when their pet is proven to be vulnerable.
Why should I (or you) have to fix digital graffiti in a so-called encyclopedia? You have more important things to do than correcting wikian errors, as do I. Now say if Wiki would actually become a member of the capitalist system and HIRE editors, they may become a real reference source and help some economy somewhere!

Keep showing their hypocracy!
a bit harsh?
Nosmo - now there's an idea: hiring paid editors.

Thanks for recognizing the hypocrisy! We all need to do that.
Anony - you know what, you almost have me convinced I was a bit too harsh replying to Jurnei. I don't like to suffer fools and I try not to put myself in that position when I comment at other blogs.

I'll restate to Jurnei, that there is nothing out of context from the Dennis Kucinich Answers.com page. I quoted some excerpts just as they appeared.

At the same time, I noted that some sections have been removed and excised as if they had never appeared there previously. I made note of those differences.

I stand by my comments about the Second Amendment.

I may have jumped onto a ad hominem attack on Jurnei by calling her a "d.c." rather than sticking to facts, despite her opening invective - I've got a thick skin and should be able to take it.

Jurnei is welcome back here to debate this or any other item without my ad hominem attacks.
Excellent, that's a whole blog entry by it self. Give me a call some time, it's been really busy lately, but I could use a voice of reason.

Didn't notice you actually responded. I think you'll note what I was saying was that anyone can edit. To quote a source that has "anyone" editing and trying to use if for anything is just not too bright. Like you....not too bright. Have a nice summer and do keep your head out of the sun. It seems you've already had enough already.
"Didn't notice you actually responded."

And you think of yourself as intelligent or "enlightened"? (snickering at you cuz you're stupid)

You are a dim bulb, are you not?

You don't seem to understand that what was stealth edited and removed came from Kookcinich's own site when he was running for president. Not that I expect you to actually put 2 and 2 together, or think for yourself. That's why Marxists like you want to grow government and depend on it so much - so it can think for you, right?

Enjoy practicing your goose-stepping and Sieg Heiling! Enjoy your summer of playing the fear card on what you falsely claim as global warming.

Don't get any splinters while your out molesting any trees!
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