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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

PETA Protests Mounts, Stuffed Animals

Ah PETA, sweet, sweet PETA, what would bloggers like myself and so many others do without you? You never fail to disappoint those of us who view your actions as beyond reason and far, far off the edge of normality.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is adamantly against mounts and animal trophies. Newshouse News Service:

    "Home Decor, Trophy mounts are showing up in more homes, even those of nonhunters"

    Long confined to log cabins and lodges, stuffed animals - or mounts as taxidermists call them - are an increasingly popular decorating accessory. Taxidermy shops in New York say more pieces are going to nonhunters with deer heads fetching $450 and zebras $25,000.


    [Tom Ball displays seven white-tailed deer he shot and preserved himself]. Ball displayed them in his family room but moved the mounts to his basement because he is selling his house. Not everyone prefers to see dead animals displayed on a family room wall, but that, too, is changing.

    "Done right, it really is a form of art," he said.

    Animal rights activists, notable People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, disagree, frowning on using mounted animals for decoration.

    "In the cities where department stores sell these macabre adornments, it can be all too easy to forget these were living, feeling beings, "PETA said in a statement.

    PETA's concerns may be white noise to the legions of nonhunters who have embraced a decorating trend dubbed "hunting-lodge chic." Call it what you want, but deer heads, polished antlers and tanned hides are making their way of of basements and into living rooms across the country.

I personally believe that you don't hunt or fish for anything you don't plan on eating. Some people fish using the catch and release program, and there's nothing wrong with that. I recognize some hunters and fisherman don't subscribe to my personal theory, but they have every right to hunt and fish the way they do as long as they obey the laws.

Personally, hunting zebra doesn't interest me because I have no desire to barbecue it. The zebra may indeed be an intelligent creature and pose a challenge to any hunter, but hunting one simply doesn't interest me. Others want to - for some reason, hunt zebras - and if where they hunt zebras it is legal...well - that's the way it goes, folks.

Presenting or showcasing trophies is a tradition that dates back to the beginning of time. And now nonhunters are including mounts and trophies as part of their interior design themes. Do you know how many people are affected by what PETA is protesting? Almost nobody. Fifteen five people - non PETAns - tops, are offended by dead animals displayed as a mount; five. PETA has nothing better to do.

PETA...beyond the edge of sanity and light years beyond their original mission.


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You really think that only five people care? I think you may find yourself incorrect. In actuality, that is probably more likely the number of blog readers you get.
Why do you say they are unreasonable. They are an organization that is trying to raise consciousness about cruelty to animal. Do you beleive the meat industry isn't responsible for tremendous amounts of suffering. Watch this video: http://meat.org
I don't think you can legitimately say our relationship to livestock animals is moral.
Anony One: really, I conducted a scientific study and only 5 people cared. The testing data is right here...somewhere...hold on a second...right at the tips of my fingers...here we go:

"Five people cared."

See? That's science!

Glady you brought issue up, others may have been confused as well.
Anony Two: I only eat food that had parents. They're delicious.
Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the dog bed. Well that and nobody eats the deer head any way. I mean what else are you going to do with it other than stick it on a board? Maybe the 'Nuge' could enlighten us on this one.
Heh - the Nuge....heh heh heh. I'm all for a sane and law and orderly hunt. I wonder if either Anonys ever witness deer - or any other animals - starving to death because herds were too big and there wasn't enough food during the winter months. Idiots.

Good game management combined with common sense.

And, food that had parents tastes good, damn it! Right Molson?
Damn right DD. Tastes even better with BBQ sauce. We weren't given sharp pointy teeth to eat only celery. You've got to kill it to grill it. Well unless you're Japanese who are known to eat some things that are still squirming. Now that may be taking 'fresh' a little too far.

Mmmmmmmmmm - BBQ'ed food that had a face and parents! Yummy indeed!

What is this thing you call "celery"?
It has no face, who cares?
Yup Arc. Like someone I know who said, "the cuter the face, the better tasting the meat."

Think veal. Yummmmmmmmmm! Homer drooling.............."veal......."
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