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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Not The McLaughlin Group

Click on the on the bottom left corner of the screen to view "Not The McLaughlin Group".

This short film also playing and appearing HERE.



ha. oh dude, you're out of your mind.
Thanks EC. Somdays, it indeed feels that I am...out of my mind.
god bless ya man, even though you are out of your mind. i had msnbc flinging traffic through my little rag over there and all of my usual commenter's were like nowhere to be found. how utterly embarrassing.

i will send you a link to one screenplay, actually treatment, later tonight. remind me if i forgets.
yeah, being out of my mind would be issue number 11,875,251...

I will hit you up for the link or email you tomorrow. Will be an early night for me tonight.

What drew MSNBC to your site?
a posting i made on the "new planet may support life story". probably buried now anyway. apparently the thread was so lifeless i took all the business. speaking off, i will get ya the link, check it thursday. i will also put up a summary of a new script on the blog tonight. it is in essay form, but would easily convert into a Fellini like inde.

it's a beauty.
you are one strange cat, man. I dig anyone who can multi-voice. And hey, thanks for the kudos on Tick. I'd like to pick your brain on the techniques/software you are using here...is there the equivalent of a 'conference call' on the internet? And would you and Gisher be up for a video tech talk, a confab on methods n' stuff?
Thanks Shawn.

I don't know what the internet equiv of a conference call is.

Shoot me an email when you get a moment - we're both in the Twin Cities - at least you and I could grab a coffee or an adult beverage one of these days. Gish? He should drive here and visit us.
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