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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Randi Rhodes: 14 Ketel One Bloody Marys?

Gawker reports that Randi Rhodes wasn't attacked at all. Gawker is reporting the following:

    Randi Rhodes was no more assaulted by a right-wing fanatic on Monday than Dick Cheney was. She, in fact, fell down and injured her teeth outside of a Midtown Irish bar at around 6 o'clock Sunday evening after downing about fourteen Ketel One Bloody Marys. She was abusive to the barstaff and generally gross, crass, loud, and pretentious.

The same sentiments are being noted at FARK.

If this had happened to a "Rightie", the Left would be calling the person names, like "Drunky McFakeMugging," or maybe suggesting that it's time to check into the Betty Ford Clinic. We'll see if the Lefties hold Ratty Rhodes to the same standard that they hold and apply to others. Don't hold your breath waiting for it, though.



Why is it the lefties always accuse others of the tactics they employ the most? Could it be hypocrisy or is it something more sinister? Maybe a vast conspiracy? Hmmmm.
ah, haven't i seen you posting "Drunky McSomethingtype" insults before?

anyway, she is ukrainian, and what the heck do you expect from them? they um...drink a tad. about like my irish side of the family.

good to see you wishing her well though. how entirely sporting of you.
She was walking the dog...the salty dog, that is!
Molson - really, you suspect the Left of using the same hypocrisy and tactics they accuse the Right? Tsk tsk, how sarcastic of you --- ;-)
Rev - gee, you sound rather bigoted against the Ukraine. How unlike a Liberal to bring up ethnicity or background, unless they be Joos or descendants of old White European men.

I think I'm being very sporting in wishing her well, heck we all know she's such a sporting, sympathetic person.

On October 12, 2006, 50 minutes into the second hour of her program Ratty called Ann Coulter a "Man-Pig".

On October 10, 2006, 16 minutes into the first hour ofher program, Ratty, referring to Mark Foley, said:

"Republicans outed a gay man who's a pedophile."

October 10, 2006 - shortly after the above statement, Rhodes said:

"Republicans will destroy the world like Hitler destroyed the world."

I'll have to paraphrase Liberal Talker Ed Schultz, when he said on his program of Feb 12, 2007: "I'm fresh out of sympathy [for Anna Nicole Smith]."

You know Rev, I'm fresh out of sympathy for Haters like Ratty Rhodes.

The question is, why aren't you, too?
Jonathan - LOL ... the Salty Dog. Yeah, and French kissing the sidewalk. She probably didn't feel any pain, not after 14 Bloody Marys.
you are so not funny. why don't you ever attack republicans? you are part of the problem not the solution.
i never heard her say that about repubs is why. i have heard heard hit the nail an awful lot though, hit it dead on and accurate even though she is a drunkard. being a drunkard can get people to hate you, but telling the truth will get you treated even worse. just ask jesus christ.
Anony - well, well, welcome back. Are you the same Anony who posts here or a different one?

You really should search my blog before making incorrect statements such as, "why don't you ever attack Republicans." Try the search box on the upper right corner and just type in Republicans. You'll find several posts where I've treated Repubs the same as Dems. The reason Dems get far more coverage is because they are far, FAR more insidious, vile and evil.

What specific problem is it I am not part of the solution? I'm the solution to it all, don't you knwo that?
Well Rev, perhaps you need to "tune in" the hatred that's coming from the Lefties, then. Maybe you could ever blog about it ?!?!?!??

Uh huh, yeah.
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