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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jimmy Carter Talks Out Of His Ass...Again

Again? Still, is more like it. As long as Jimmy Carter continues to breathe, we can be assured - heh...ass-ured...he will forever be talking out of his ass. Always and forever.

The Worst. President. Ever told CNN that he "knows" the U.S. tortures prisoners:

    The United States tortures prisoners in violation of international law, former President Carter said Wednesday.

    "I don't think it. I know it," Carter told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

    "Our country for the first time in my life time has abandoned the basic principle of human rights," Carter said.

First off, Carter doesn't "know" this from facts or anything he can prove. Typical Liberal that he is, he "believes" it, so therefore it MUST be true. This is standard operational thinking for most Libs and Dems; they "believe" something, therefore it must, must, must be true.

Carter also called Vice President Dick Cheney a "disaster for our country." al-Reuters:

    "You know he's been a disaster for our country," Carter said. "I think he's been overly persuasive on President George Bush and quite often he's prevailed."

Christ, Carter is a bitter, bitter man. No doubt he's saying what he's saying because someone in the CommieCrat party is putting him up to it and putting him out there to rally the virulent, rabid Lefties.

Carter is still smarting from his resounding loss to Ronald Reagan. Does your loss still hurt, Jimmy? "Oh, Dat's So Sad!"

Carter has the distinct honor of having the Worst Misery Index of Any President 1948-present:

* Carter's Misery Index scores a 16.27

Carter also has the distinction of presiding over the worst malaise the U.S. ever experienced:

* that during the Carter Administration the inflation rate climbed higher each year he was in office, rising from 6 percent in 1976 to more than 12 percent by 1980

* the unemployment rate remained high at 7.5 percent

* interest rates reached a high of 20 percent or more twice during 1980

Asking Carter his opinion on anything, let alone any government issue, is like asking Bill Clinton how to cheat on your wife and not get caught. It's like asking Ted Kennedy for tips on how to remain sober. It's like asking Barney Frank for suggestions on how to please a woman. It's like asking Hillary MrsSatan Clinton for advice on ethics.

It's not enough for Carter to have his atrocious, failed presidency in his history, no; he will be remembered as a failed statesman and an enabler of election fraud witness his claims of "fairness" in assessing victories by the likes of Hugo Chavez in Veneuzula and Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia. And not that the Carter Center gave its blessing to the Zimbabwe election, it didn't, but Carter was more than happy to overlook and ignore the bloodshed in Zimbabwe and even managed to welcome Robert Mugabe to the Carter White House:

    ...the armies of Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe, bulldozed a mosque, a church and an orphanage. Neither the former president nor representatives of the Carter Center at Emory University that he heads would comment on the carnage wrought by Zimbabwe's dictator, even when I gave them the opportunity to do so.

    The non-reactive reaction of the Carter camp is typical of his silence on the human rights abuses of the African leader who has held power for two and a half decades. Mugabe is, in fact, a Carter protégé.


    President Carter frequently comments on elections in fledgling democracies. He has barely discussed Zimbabwe elections, which most human rights observers have found to be fraudulent for about as long as Mugabe has been in office.

    "The election process was fundamentally flawed by pre-election intimidation and violence against the opposition by ruling party militants with tacit or even active support from the government," the Carter Center observed of Zimbabwe's 2000 elections. The world's leading human rights observers also concluded that Mugabe forces were killing people that year, mostly blacks, a trend that the Carter Center did not actively acknowledge.


    During President Carter's term, the Democratic Senate voted 90-0 to lift sanctions should Rhodesia hold elections that brought about a black majority government that reflected the nation's population.


    Still, although empowered to do so by his own party in Congress, President Carter would not lift sanctions on the country, declaring that the balloting was not "free and fair."


    President Carter received the newly-elected Mugabe at the White House, a courtesy he would never grant Muzorewa.

Jimmy Carter - the pot and kettle rolled into one very bitter, hypocritical and internally and perpetually angry man.

Rabbit bit the right guy, no doubt about it:



i hate when he opens his mouth. it is like moveon.org

no matter how legit an argument is, i cannot blame anyone, including you, for tuning him out. yes he was huge with eygpt and isreal, but he needs to remember that he lost because dems defected from his camp.

left a thank you up at my place for you,
Watch out, you may lose your membership in the Socialist Club by dissin' on Jim-mah.

He is such an unmitigated piece of shit. If he kept his mouth shut on issues like this, and a couple months ago when he said Bush is "the worst president ever" - I could at least, at the very least, have a molecule of respect for him as a statesman. But he just keeps digging himself into a bigger, deeper hole of shit.

I noticed the thank you and replied to it.

You really owe me some cash for all the great ideas you come up with from reading my blog. Cash is good. Or a certified check. Or a well-paying job doing what I do...the writing and the photoshop thingy.
i will pay you in enlightenment.
Jimmy talks out his ass cause his ass is at the end of his neck. That thing that looks like his nose is actually a hemorrhoid.
I didn't know how else to get you the responce I got from Ken Salazar so here it is
dean0 (a poster at "Living the Grand Life")

A message from Senator Ken Salazar

Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate hearing from you.

Rush Limbaugh’s insinuation that members of the military who question the Iraq war are “phony soldiers” serves as another example of how the national debate over our Iraq policy has been largely characterized by overheated rhetoric. In response to this, I joined 40 other Senators in signing a letter to Mark Mays, the CEO of Clear Channel, which syndicates Mr. Limbaugh’s show, expressing my disappointment in his comments.

I believe a vigorous and substantive dialogue on Iraq is warranted, especially given its ramifications at home and abroad. However, impugning the views and the service of our troops only diminishes the chances of achieving a consensus on how we should move forward in Iraq – which is what we ultimately need to do.

It is past time that we leave our troops out of the politics surrounding this important issue. They deserve nothing less than the thanks and support of a grateful nation. I apply this standard consistently to conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats. I spoke out against MoveOn.org’s personal attack on General David Petraeus, I have registered my objections to Mr. Limbaugh’s remarks, and I will continue to defend the honor of our men and women in uniform against spurious rhetorical attacks as long as I am in the Senate.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your views.


Ken Salazar
United States Senator
and you go and poop on my rug at my place after i defend you?

see what kinda rabid foaming kinda guy you are?

so this is how you thank me:)
dean0 - thanks for the follow up. I appreicate it.
Molson, I second its a hemorhoid, not a nose.

Thanks for the "enlightenment." I already feel richer.

I didn't poop over at your place. My comment was more directed to daveaway even though I didn't address it as such, perhaps I should have.
yea that would help. i had to get out my taser and zap your ass and you interrupted my boys football game. they only play once a week and rarely a thursday game.

yea, thump dave in the head good idea. i am busy with the cheese dip.
Rev, yeah, well, I thought it was clear to whom I was replying to on that comment thread since I used and (I recall) italicizing DaveAway's comments.

Anyway - only you can allow yourself to be interrupted. This applies to all of us. You let comments interrupt a football game? I would NEVER allow the same to interrupt an NHL game. Or golf.
well i am not that intense a fan. besides they got all those damn commercial breaks.
Get a DVR Rev.
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