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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Harry Reid Says "Global Warming Caused California Fires"

U.S. Senator from Nevada, Democrat Harry Reid said one of the reasons for the fires in California is they are caused by global warming. Townhall:

    As you know, one reason that we have the fires burning in Southern California is global warming. One reason the Colorado Basin is going dry is because of global warming.

But mere moments later, when a reporter asked him about what he had said, he said he didn't say that the California fires were caused by global warming.

    Question: Senator, on the California fires, you said that the reason the fires are burning in California is global warming?

    Reid: No. Here's what I - I didn't say the reason the fires were burning in Southern California was global warming...

Normally, forgetting what one said just moments earlier would be an indication that dementia and Alzheimer's Disease has taken hold of the person speaking. In Harry's case, we know he was just trying to extricate both feet from his mouth.

The actual audio of Harry saying what he said and then denying it can be found right HERE.

In another statement made by Reid later in the day, I have the below exclusive audio of Reid making even wilder assertions. Click on the button on the below bar to hear the audio:

Don't forget, Harry can help you overcome any legal quirks if you're interested in purchasing land in Nevada.


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Of course... because before global warming there were never large, uncontrollable wild fires.
Absolutely correct-o-mundo you are, Bug!

No raging wildfires until man-made global warming was so thoroughly proven by Nobel Prize winning, losing Presidential candidate Albert Gore, Junior.

Great observation, Bug!

quick question for you: long ago, when I added you to my blogroll, your writings weren't so political, so you're listed under the "Apolitical" blogrolls. Do you want me to move you into the "Posse Blogitatus" category? I'll put you right on the top of the list, since I'm a firm believer in "ladies first."

Let me know.
First in line? Wow... I feel important!! That would be wonderful.

Of course I have my more "personal non-political" blog now as well to seperate "church and state"... so to speak. I did that just to keep my life straight and... just between you and me... my personal life really isn't that "political". Well, unless I'm at work and then politics come into play now and again.

Anyway... I need to post more pictures of Ellie (in the personal blog, of course) but I haven't found the time lately. She's a lot bigger than that first day when we brought her home.
Again global warming just about explains everything going on in the World. At times wild eyed proponents of GW come close to saying planet Earth is conciously and actively upset at people who disagree with Democrats. Something like the Sith lords.
Better watch out Drake, that could be seen as sexist...lol...

An another note you said,"...Nobel Prize winning..." I think you meant,"...Nobel Prize whining..."

I'm just Saying...
Sure Bug, will do it today.

Ellie is such a cutie! I just noticed the other day your links to the other blogs you have. Please let me know when you publish more photos of her.
Arc - I'm a gentleman so ladies first. Always...okay, most of the time. Excluding the Feminazis, the liberal female bloggers (not that I link to them, I don't) and Rosie O'Moo and Ellen.

Nobel Prize Whining - wish I woulda thought of that. That's good - very creative.
Hey Anony - we agree. Don't know if you are or aren't the Usual Anony who comments here. I get many Anony comments that are just vitriol and usually don't publish them. Your comment is fair.

I don't have a problem with intelligent debate with the usual Anony commenter, but the person never does that. It's just vitriol, as I said. So your Anony comment is refreshing.

I agree with your comment. I don't doubt the planet is slightly warming - from everything I've read, I simply disagree that mankind had anything to do with it. Not saying you believe this, you're comment is quite clear.

Give yourself a 'handle' next time so at least I know to whom I'm talking with.

Appreciate your balanced approach here, if you are the same Anony commenter from past posts whose comments I almost never publish - heh. If it is you, see - commenting without unlimited hate isn't so hard, is it?

And if you're not that person, way cool. Just give yourself a name so I know who you are.

Take care.
The newest pictures are up... she's beauuuuuutiful, I might add. :)
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