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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Flaming Object Over Minnesota Sky

On Wednesday, October 3, several people reported seeing a "flaming object streak across Minnesota skies." WKBT:

    A flaming object over Minnesota skies this afternoon may have been a meteor.

    Shortly after 2 p.m., people across the Twin Cities reported seeing a "metallic" object or "flaming ball" falling from the sky.

    Broadcasters and emergency dispatchers got hundreds of calls from people who saw the object traveling from the northeast to the southwest.

    The FAA received no reports of anything falling from any airplanes in the area, leading to speculation that it was a meteor that burned up in the atmosphere, since no crash site has been identified.

    Residents of Lyon County in far southwestern Minnesota reported a loud boom that might have been connected with the sightings in the Twin Cities.

    Navy reservist Greg Devereaux, who lives near the town of Amiret, says it shook his house and sounded like a sonic boom from an F-14 breaking the sound barrier at close range.

Below is an exclusive and unretouched photograph that I captured with my camera of the flaming object streaking across the Minnesota sky:


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