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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Al Gore's Towering Inferno

At least 11 false or unsupported claims made by Albert Gore, Junior in his fictional film, "An Inconvenient Truth". The Herald Sun

If Albert wins the Nobel Peace Prize, does it mean he will run for president? NewsMax

I dunno, but either way, I'm going to wait for his next movie:

(Inspirational Credit)



can you please stop putting pictures up of gore and billary? i have to eat eventually.

oh by the way, real quiet year in the tropics, wanna buy that lovely piece of oceanfront property my buddy has in naples?

2 million house for just 300,000?

it's, it's, it's a steal dave!
Oh come on now, you love both Cankles and Mr. Panic!

Think of the images as helping your diet. Hopefully those images will keep you away from fatty food and sweets. Just doing my part in trying to help the nation eat healthy!

Is your check in the mail to me, btw? I mean, since you enjoy parting with your money so much.

I wouldn't mind moving to Naples if I could land a job there. Know of any? Legitimate jobs, that is.
Yeah I read about the 11 "inaccuaracies" earlier today and I'm posting a piece tomorrow. I bet it doesn't even faze the enviro-weenies in this country.
"Cankles" "Mr. Panic" I love it...
On a more serious note Dave get "State of Fear by Michael Crichton...
Dane - I agree - facts rarely have any impact on what the Libs and enviro wieners want to "believe."
Arc - I will put that down on my list of Things To Do - but there's a lot of things ahead of it. I DO appreciate the recommendation from you, though. I just hate reading books these days, been like that for a while. I think I read too frikkin much as a kid. I hate books in adulthood. Not a good thing, I know.

The last book I read was the Tom Shales Sat. Night Live Behind the Scenes and the book I read before that was Pat Buchanan's "A Republic Not An Empire" which was very good.
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