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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We Need Another Malaise

The United States needs another malaise, much like the malaise that occurred during the four wretched, miserable and dreadful years that Jimmy Carter occupied the White House. We need another malaise in order to propel us back to a state of sanity, a state where we realize that higher taxes, bigger government (at all levels), illegal immigration, national security and absurd political correctness are the problems that are killing us.

These problems are killing us not because of anything President George W. Bush did or didn't do (well, maybe with the exception of not doing enough about illegal immigration, but his predecessors in the White House, including Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush didn't address the immigration problem either), but because we are being hoodwinked by the Democrats who want to steer us full throttle into a country steeped in socialism.

We can be assured of experiencing another malaise if a Democrat is elected as president come November 2008. If Congress is returned to a weighted majority favoring Democrats, we can count on a malaise. This is demonstrated by the Democrat presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton who lobby for seizing the profits of oil companies, who lobby for socialized medicine, who lobby for global climate change taxes and who lobby for a United Nations-like oversight that turns our Republic into something of which Karl Marx would be envious.

Whether we suffer through one or two terms of a malaise under a Democrat president depends on how much of a glutton we are for self-punishment. How much abuse can we take? Well, it's all predicated on the degree of how much a Democrat president with a compliant Congress decides to inflict upon us.

Ronald Reagan rescued us from the Carter malaise and not a moment too soon. In our wildest imaginations I don't think we can remotely contemplate how caustic and detrimental a second Carter term would have been to the nation. We are incapable of fathoming how far Left of Center a Walter Mondale presidency would have driven us.
Instead of personal prosperity and personal responsibility - a most general attitude of Conservatism - Liberalism advocates greater dependency of the individual to rely on the government and lowering our standard of living. John Edwards wants us to give up our SUVs. Democrats ask not that we strive to flourish and thrive, they ask us to make do with less and turn to government for all of our solutions. What type of politician preaches this gospel other than one of a totalitarian?

We are all familiar with the phrase, "it has to get worse before it gets better." No statement could be more appropriate, more precise and more relevant to the future of our country. Will it take four or eight years under a Democrat White House before we awaken to this? Will it take skyrocketing inflation, high interest rates, high unemployment and an energy crisis that makes Carter's malaise look like a day at the beach by comparison? In all likelihood, it probably will. In their blind sanguinity of "going along to get along" with their political opponents, Republicans may recognize this but they will fail to act on it as they always do.

When - or if - true Conservatives ever grow a spine and backbone, deciding to battle their political opponents instead of allowing themselves to be run roughshod over, we can avoid a future malaise. I don't expect this to happen, for history unfortunately and all too frequently, ends up repeating itself. So welcome our future malaise with open arms, a hug and a generous dose of conciliation - and several bottles of liquor. It will have to get worse before it gets better. Malaise, anyone?


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so exactly who is the republican savior?
Nicely said and oh, so true.
Rev - there is no Republican savior. At least not for 2008. Maybe a Repub candidate will emerge for the 2012 election.

I've already reconciled myself to that and that Hillary will steal the White House next year. How about you?
Thank you BobG. Conservatives, Independents and Repubs should write-off 2008 and start planning for 2012 - in my opinion.
i am afraid she will as well.
Yep Rev, welcome to the Nightmare.
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