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Friday, September 28, 2007

They Are Just Like Everyone Else!

Why, they are just like everyone else, aren't they?

Oh, don't let being handcuffed to a fence and having your bare butt being paddled, or any of the other images make you think they're any different from the rest of us. Why, some of them may be the public school teachers of your kids. Maybe your child's pediatrician. The day-care staff. Your dentist. Your grocer. They're just like the rest of us - we are to refrain from making even the slightest degree of judgment.

Why, some of them may have been part of the March 25, 2006 rally that called a group of Christians a "fascist mega-pep rally."

    "There is a real intolerancy [sic] to homosexuality in a lot of these organizations," said Peter Cobb, an organizer with Not In Our Name.

Gee Peter, there doesn't seem to be real intolerancy towards Christianity, does there? Nooooooo. I suppose it's politically incorrect of me to even ask or mention it.

They have values, too:

    Seeking to turn the tables on the scare tactic of "San Francisco values" that conservatives used during last year's midterm elections, organizers of Sunday's 24th annual Folsom Street Fair have decided to dedicate the leather and fetish event to what they say represents those values – community, diversity, and sex-positive self-expression.

Why, they can mock Jesus and the Last Supper with the best of us:

    Organizers of San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair -- sponsored by Miller Brewing Co. -- have portrayed Christ and his disciples as half-naked homosexual sadomasochists in the event's promotional advertisement, and the conservative group Concerned Women for America is complaining about the hypocrisy of it.

    "The bread and wine representing Christ's broken body and lifegiving blood are replaced with sadomasochistic sex toys in this twisted version of Da Vinci's The Last Supper," CWA said on its Web site.

    "'Gay' activists disingenuously call Christians 'haters' and 'homophobes' for honoring the Bible, but then lash out in this hateful manner toward the very people they accuse," said said Matt Barber, CWA's policy director for cultural issues.

    "In their version of The Last Supper, Christ, Who gave His life for our sins, is despicably replaced by sin itself as the object of worship."

    CWA is calling on California politicians -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sens. Feinstein and Boxer among them -- to "publicly condemn this unprovoked attack against Christ and His followers.

Full Size Click Here.

We're asked to be tolerant and respectful of what they do, but they are unable to return and extend the same, simple, most basic courtesy. Mocking religion is fun! It's so "pushing the envelope," "on-the edge" type of satire, isn't it? Why, replacing items considered holy and reverent by some, with...uh...leg and arm shackles, ball gags, various things to insert into various orifices, paddles and various sundry items, who can possibly fail to reach the conclusion that it's just fun, games and an all around good time to be had by all.

Whoa - that San Fran Leather Crowd is sure a hoot, eh? Brave too! I wonder if they'd portray Mohammed in a similar fashion? Hmmmmm, no, they probably like their head attached to their body, just like the rest of us. Oh, yeah - they're a funny, funny group. What a bunch of comedians.

It's Family Friendly too, with such exciting venues as:

    "Daddies and Dykes," erotic photography by Midori, Julie Simone, and Lee Harrington. The gallery is located at 2199 Market Street and Sanchez. Doors open at 7 p.m. for a reception featuring "food, booze, and boot polishing served up by hot slave boys" until 10.


    "Perverts Put Out for the Folsom Street Fair!," an event described as a "spoken word smut salon,"


    "This Shit Will Fuck U Up: Venus' Playground After-Party" at 1277 Mission Street at 9th hosted by Ms. Cat and Dusty Kitten.


    "Beginner Bondage: Quick Tips for Your Toy Bag with Rope," "Japanese Rope Bondage with Madame Butterfly". (1)

Remember, be tolerant of them, for they are tolerant, too, willing to let others express themselves while reserving judgement.

I'm no prude, and I personally don't find any of the above offensive. However, the Last Supper recreation is in bad taste and no doubt offensive to many Christians and non-Christians. But see, the Christians are supposed to be tolerant of this and accept it without criticism or judgment.

Again, if these people are so brave, so "out there", such "envelope pushers"; then do a similar typed theme but instead of using Christianity as the target, substitute Islam and Mohammed. Go ahead, you Brave San Fran Boys and Girls - show me how brave you are, how "out there" you are. Call yourselves what you are and at least be honest, you're Religious Bigots and Haters who are intolerant of anyone with religious views and principles.

Nope, no "fascist-mega-pep rally" at Folsom Street Fair.


H/T: Moonbattery

(1) All items listed in the Bay Area Reporter story

"We're asked to be tolerant and respectful"

first, i am not thrilled with what these idiots did. but it is just as much their right to do so and we both know it. i do not think it is ever the best way to deal with any issue.

foolish, but allowed.

you say we are asked to be tolerant but how is refusing a gay spouse the same protections a straight one has tolerant?

when the chairman of the joint chiefs steps up and publicly tells them they are immoral, that is tolerant?

it is also his right to do so, to say such a nasty thing. even if it hurts a gay person's feelings.

none of us have been very tolerant of each other, and even though that may be exactly what these gay activists are doing, giving the right a piece of their own medicine, we all, all of us need to learn to talk to each other without slamming the other around.

it is a choice, both sides can make or not. i wish they all would. i have my doubts that either side can stop the eye for an eye.

i have called them out for demanding tolerance when they refuse to show it themselves, but i must call you out for saying they get tolerance. perhaps from you and me dave, but they do not get it from many.
"i have called them out for demanding tolerance when they refuse to show it themselves..."

Well I am glad you have done that. Will they listen? Unlikely.

Are you saying the Joint Chief doesn't have the right to Free Speech to say what he said? I don't agree with his words, but he is free to say it.

The Military can make its own set of rules, it doesn't adhere to the same standards of civilian life. I may not agree with that, but the Military is absolutely entited to do what they do.

I don't personally care if two gay people marry, but I don't think they are entitled to marry anymore than a hate crime based on race or sexual orientation is somehow more egregious than a crime that doesn't fall into the scope of so-called "hate crimes".

Gay people can circumvent the "protections" they seek from marrying by obtaining mutual Power of Attorney for their significant other - and THIS is why I think gay marriage is a farce. They gain far more from mutual Power of Attorney than marriage could ever offer them: matters of life and death, hospitalization, areas of estate, etc etc.

We're going to agree to disagree on this one. I don't have a problem with intellectual disagreement. I doubt we will change each others' mind.
so you think homosexuals have been shown tolerance then?
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