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Friday, September 14, 2007

Petraeus Is A "Half-witted-four-star freak."

37 minutes into the first hour of his wretched and audience-vacant program Thursday night (9-13-07), Mike The Rotting and Rapidly Decaying Corpse Malloy said:

    "[General Petraeus is] a half-witted four-star freak." - 37 minutes into hour one.

But you know, Liberals support the Military - they just don't support the war Bush's illegal war and occupation of Iraq.

Liberals are so open-minded and fair. The Big-Tent party, as they so frequently call themselves, you know, criticizing the issues and the policies, never attacking the individual.

It really is a mystery why The Corpse has a history of being fired from one radio station after the other and why his listening audience is smaller than his brain, isn't it? Yep, sure is a mystery - one of those enigmas wrapped in a riddle inside a cocoon of a mystery.

Malloy is the first candy-ass who, if being personally attacked or mugged, would cry for the likes of people like General Petraeus to protect him and keep him safe. And, sadly, stellar individuals like General Petraeus would indeed protect filth like Malloy. Me? I'd be a bystander, watching Malloy get attacked and mugged with a wide grin pasted across my face.


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