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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Dinner With Phil Spector



Not funny in the least.
That is the single worst photoshop job I've ever seen. still funny, but, damn...
Anony - you got it, then. It's not supposed to be funny. It's supposed to make you think.
Don, so - you've seen a lot of Pho-shop work then and are an expert?

It's pretty much a direct replication of the "My Dinner With Andre" film poster only with Spector and Clarkson - and a different table setting.
That image is great. I have not been following this trial, but from the little I heard ... This guy must be a freak. They had numerous witnesses talking about how he used the guns in connection with sex... Pretty strange.
you have too much fun with photoshop.
Thanks Debbie.

Yeah, a short search on Spector says - according to Wiki quotes substantiated in non-Wiki sources - "Spector plac[ed] a loaded pistol at Leonard Cohen's head during the sessions for Death of a Ladies' Man, and forcing Dee Dee Ramone to play bass guitar to Spector's specifications at gunpoint."

No doubt in my mind who murdered Lana Clarkson. His name is Phil, Phil Spector.

Thanks for visiting and commenting as always.
Rev - if you only knew the Photoshop stuff I do that I don't publish...
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