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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike Gravel Says "You're Fat And Dumb"

Last week during a Democrat candidate debate sponsored by the Yahoo-Slate-HuffPooPost group, the highly esteemed political scholar Bill Maher, asked Mike Gravel if he would be willing to tell Americans they are "fatter and dumber."
How do you feel about about Gravel's remark? Does it make you feel good that an elitist like Gravel underestimates your intelligence? That you are "dumb and fat" (Michael Moore, Rosie O'Moo, Joy Behar and Rob Reiner notwithstanding).

What kind of criticism, jeers and catcalls would the public - especially the Liberal Crowd - and the press have hurled at Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain or any other Republican candidate for saying that Americans are "fat and dumb"? Do you think a Republican saying this would have been asked to apologize in a public forum for calling Americans "fat and dumb"?

Gravel, you will recall, is the genius and historian who last month said "The Spartans trained their people to be homosexual." How do you train people to be homosexual? "Apollo! Step away from those breasts and that vagina, there's a penis over here for you." Maybe Barney Frank and Jim McGreevey can answer Gravel's assertion that homosexuality is "trained"?

Do you enjoy being called "fat and dumb" by someone who wants, but has no chance, to be your president?

Is it presidential to say, "Americans are fatter and dumber"? I don't think it is, but apparently it's okay with Liberals and the press to call us "fat and dumb", again, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Moo, Joy Behar and Rob Reiner notwithstanding.

Video of Gravel saying "Americans fatter and dumber, " HERE.



they are getting fatter and dumber and you do not even need to look at the stats, which do bear it out. and it would be nice if more politicos from both sides would be honest about it, but that is for the most part, against their religion.

i could care less about which party said it and how it was reacted to. what counts is that you cannot tell the truth anymore, because you get crucified and it does not matter which stripe you wear.

lies are a differing matter.

i love you man but you are keeping score in a game where the home team is losing because the leaders are all fighting each other, rather than fighting for the team.

whether we are fat, dumb, smart, thin, democrat, republican, we are all americans and we will go down together, because it appears it is more important establishing who is wrong, than fixing the problems.
I find the way many (oh, how I'd love to say "most") Libs and Democrat consider themselves the intellectual superiors of the land and of the world, when they are the ones who are intellectually inferior to most of us "common folks".

Maybe you like being told that "you're fat and dumb". I consider that appalling behavior. You know damn well those words said by anyone other than a Democrat would be the target of the MSM and of Dems themselves. Get real, dude.

I agree fixing the problems we face need answers. I've been waiting for six years to hear the Dems provide an answer to something; anything. But all I hear from them is their criticizing anyone with a solution that didn't come from them.

Soc Security? Nothing wrong with the partial fix Bush offered. Privatize 1-3%, yadda yadda. The Left LIED LIKE PIGS on this with "Bush is going to make his Wall Street friends rich on your Soc Security." Then the Dems said, "well, there's really no problem with Social Sec," after they bitched and moaned about it, incessently, for the prior 8 years. Rev, you have GOT to see the hypocrisy that comprises the Liberal or Dem in you and how it is just so wrong.

The Repubs don't have all the answers either, but they have offered answers and solutions. The Dems rejected them because someone else came up with them.
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