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Friday, September 07, 2007

A Perfect Day Of Terrorism

An Islamic web post warning of the threat of a 'Special Gift' has counter-terrorism agencies monitoring and watching for any activity that may bring about another attack similar or greater than the one of September 11:

    Federal counterterrorism officials are analyzing a posting on an Islamic forum Web site that warns of "a special gift" to be given on the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, FOX News has learned.

    The warning was posted Sept. 2 on a site frequented by radical groups and said in part that "there will be a special gift coming on the day of the blessed invasion of Manhattan."

    Federal officials told FOX News they are trying to determine if it might be a specific warning or just part of broad chatter that has been heard during the last few months.

    Postings talking about "gifts" have been seen before in the days leading up to the anniversary of Sept. 11.

Why do you suppose the U.S. has not yet experienced homicide-suicide bombers as Israel has experienced for years and as Iraq experiences? Why haven't terrorists in the U.S. blown themselves up, killing and injuring others, in movie theaters, restaurants, nightclubs and sporting events? It can't be because terrorists who would do this aren't actually in the U.S. - you'd have to be a fool to think they're not here. So why hasn't this happened in America, or is it a matter of time until it does?

On September 1, 2004, the world saw Islamic terrorists hold hostage an entire school in Beslan, Russia. Islam has made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that children - children! - are a fair targets. Islamic terrorist cowards who claim to be Muslim leaders surround themselves with women and children with the warped ideology that they are protecting themselves.

How long will it be before the U.S. experiences Islamic terrorists holding a school being hostage? Why hasn't this occurred in the U.S., or is simply a matter of time until it does?

From Killology Research Group:

    What were the lessons learned from the Beslan massacre? According to experts in the Russian region and in the United States, the “Beslan Operation” was a suicidal Jihadist mission from the beginning; the three days of negotiations for the release of the suffocating hostages were only a front to popularize their goal of attention to the Islamic causes in the region. Therefore, the same type of mission inside the United States would certainly be arranged as a suicide mission as well. However, the US has not seen a suicide bomber mission within its borders to date. Does that mean that it won’t happen? Certainly not, in looking at Beslan and Bin Laden’s paraphrased statements, there is a certain cause and effect. Simply put, Bin Laden made obvious statements that children were credible targets; accordingly Islamists seized a school and murdered children. There is no giant chasm to cross here to hypothesize that the same will be done in the United States in due time. We are all victims of not repeating history, in this case history is only several years old, and time is on Bin Laden’s side, as it always will be. The intelligence community must come forward and pass on the facts noted in this paper and educate America and its allies on this real threat to America’s children, its economy and its way of life. The acts of September 11th had no precedence, attacks on school children have a clear and present threat, Beslan.

Some have described a unified terrorist attack on the U.S. as what al Qaida calls a "Perfect Day". A day when terrorists who have no official link or commonality - who share only anti-American and anti-Western ideology and culture - will take their cue from when other acts of violence and terrorist acts begin and join in committing acts of terrorism to simultaneously wreck havoc across the nation.

The alarm clock rings and you begin your daily routine. Perhaps you drop your children off at school. We go to work, we run errands. Grandparents and retired people gather at their favorite meeting places for a coffee social. We do what we usually do. Suddenly, just like on the morning of September 11, 2001, we hear of an aberration, an explosion; something far out of the ordinary happens. We hear of this on the news or a telephone call informs us of these anomalies. A group of people are killed or maimed in an explosion in a cafe. A school is held hostage, perhaps more than one school. A building or structure is blown up. A vehicle ablaze is driven into an airport, a government building, a supermarket, a school campus, a movie studio, an office building. A dirty bomb explodes in a major metropolitan city. Militant and radical Islamists take to the streets with high-powered rifles randomly and aimlessly firing upon civilians. Bridges and major roads and highways are blown up or rendered useless. Power stations that provide electricity and communication hubs are attacked and rendered useless. We have no power and no ability to communicate with others.

As a nation, we are thrown and forced into a state of complete and total chaos and disarray. Panic sets in, mayhem, turmoil and disorder runs rampant across the country. This is The Perfect Day for the terrorists. This is what they want, this is what they seek, this is their aim, this is their goal. It is September 11 all over again on a much larger and grander scale.

Law enforcement officials, fire departments, First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, hospitals and clinics will not be able to do their jobs. Unfortunately we will not be able to count on them to help us or protect us. A run on water, groceries, fuel, batteries and other essentials sweeps the country. Roads and highways come to grinding gridlock. The definitions of chaos and bedlam are an understatement in describing the state of the United States.

Are we a nation of sleeping lambs waiting to be slaughtered by terrorists? Or are we a nation of alert lions who will do whatever we have to do to prevent The Perfect Day from occurring? If you believe the scenario of The Perfect Day could never happen, then you are living in a September 10th mentality. If you are living in a September 10th mentality, then you are abjectly removed from reality.


If we as Americans do not unite and defeat terror our way of life will not survive. this is not a war for land or riches this a war of beliefs . Muslim extremist want you dead because you are not Muslim. are you willing to die for your beliefs? they are and do on a daily bases. you can stand on the belief that this is Bush's war, it might well be. who's war will it be when your grade schooler is killed in your local school? i damn sure know who's fight it will be. can your school district protect your children against an armed threat from organized killers that see your children as a stepping stone to convert you or kill you. the answer is that they can not even protect your children from a gun toting twelve year old American child who is off there medication. you had better be prepared 3days 3ways and a gun. and you better be ready to trade your life to save your family because they are ready to trade their lives for an ideal.
move on wants this country to be at the least socialist at its base they own the dems and are calling the shots behind the scenes know the enemy against your way of life
Well said. It is a struggle between religion and ideology. And exremists, of any kind, are not going to say, "oh, you're an atheist? Okay, we'll overlook that." No, they're going to say "convert or die." I wonder what the athiests will say then.

Good comment, JC.
Perhaps someday the West will declare WAR on extremist Islam.

With carpet bombing of Mecca (you do remember where most of the 9/11 hijackers and Osama are from).

Occupy the oil fields and drive the islamic monkeys back out to the bare desert.

Mosque? Convert it to a church.
Anonymous - I've been wrestling with your comment. I don't advocate for pre-emptive strikes, but they are necessary sometimes. We have to define that very vague "sometimes".

I do know that 14 or 15 of the Sept. 11 killers (not "hijackers") were from Saudi Arabia. But Germany didn't technically attack us in WW II, Japan did, although they were an ally of Germany. If it's any consolation, I think the U.S. is far too generous to Saudi Arabia, and that SA treats us...rather poorly. They want to buy military aircraft from us - fine - let's see that oil pipeline gush oil from SA to the US.

I think defensive action against militant Islam is being handled "okay" - but we can always do better.
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