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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Almost That Time Of Year Again

This time of the year can mean only one thing. No, not Halloween, Deer Hunting Season, Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holidays, although these dates are quickly approaching.

No - I'm speaking of the 2007 LPOS Award!

LPOS©, is a term I came up with around fifteen years ago and use frequently.

LPOS is an acronym for Liberal Piece Of Sh*t.

Pronunciation: spoken as its acronym: "EL-Pea-Oh-Ess"; or the preferred pronunciation: "EL-Poss".

Not every Democrat is a LPOS, but all Liberals are a LPOS.

A LPOS is a Liberal who has made a choice to go far - far far far - out of their way to wear his or her Liberalism on their sleeve
and made at least one, if not many, outrageous Liberal statements that goes well beyond the call of Liberal duty. To a LPOS, Liberalism is a religion that they place before everything else; advancing Liberalism is their reason for existing, nothing comes before it.

The LPOS Award is awarded every December to a worthy LPOS who, in the preceding year, has made Liberalism their personal Cause célèbre.

Since this wonderful Award Ceremony is only 90-some days away, I thought I'd give everyone a sneak preview of who some of this year's contenders are and some of those under consideration for the 2007 LPOS Award.
Just click on the Play Button on the lower left corner of the screen.

This short Film also playing and appearing HERE.

The 2006 LPOS Nominees, Award Winner and Honorable Mentions can be found HERE.


can i win dave, can i, huh? huh?

here, let me tryout:

1)bush is mostly full of shit.
2)the rnc is a coked up bunch of homophobes.

i believe everything i just said so, how'd i do? do i get a toaster? a moist towelette?
Ooohhh. There's just so many I can't decide. Maybe there needs to be some additional categories like the LPOS award for the biggest CO2 filled douchebag. Now that's an easy one.
Nice try, but honestly, that won't even get you a Honorable Mention. You have to denounce the US Military, call them murderers, judge them guilty before they're even charged, compare them to Nazis and Pol Pot; love Ahmadinejah, Castro and Chavez - and think that they are honest and truthful and Bush is a liar - and think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread, spend money like a whore hooked on meth, preach that SUVs are evil while flying around on your own private Gulfstream etc etc...get the idea?

At best Rev, you get a nice, patronizing pat on your shaggy head.
Molson - yeah, there's nothing quite like hypocrisy to sustain the Libs, is there?

I've missed 'ya in my comments recently. Did you make the trip to CO and do some hiking? Any latest pics up at your blog? I checked today and was hoping for some new vistas of the mtns.
I vote for Amy Klobac*nt. Using the bridge collapse to make right-wingers look bad, moments after the tragedy, was really pathetic.
I just got back from CO today after a marathon 24 hour drive. I took lots of photos and there are a few that I like. The aspens are in full display now. Unfortunately the A80 can't quite do it justice.
that's not liberals, that is an asshole. i have finally figured out what is confusing things.
Shaved Ape: RoboKlobo doesn't "get it", does she? "Bridges just don't fall down," is her famous quote. She's right, they don't just fall down. SOMETHING MADE THE FRIKKIN BRIDGE FALL DOWN. In her mind, it is because highways and bridges don't get enough funding. No, they get enough funding, but too much is taken away for goddamn light rail and public tranny.

Oh, you got me started on my anti-public tranny rant. Not good (for me).

I'm all for more buses. I am against Light Rail because of its cost and its forever inability to be cost-effective.

Thanks Don.
Molson - a 24hr marathon drive? Wow - don't endanger yourself or others. That's a yeoman feat!

Let me know when you put up some photos of the most recent images. Am looking forward to them.
Rev - don't go pulling a Hillary and changing the rules at halftime.

Durbin: our military is like Nazi Germany, Pol Pot, Gulags.

Kerry to Bob Schiefer: no reason our military needs to terrorize Iraqi citizens.

Edwards: war on terrorism is a bumper sticker mentality.

Reid: "we've lost the war."

Murtha: Marines guilty of massacre in Haditha.

Every single one of these bastards is a Liberal. I agree, they are also assholes. I don't see the different between Liberals and assholes anymore. No confusion for me.

Gish, you know I admire and respect you to no end; this isn't about that. It's about Liberals doing their damnedest to ensure military failure, going back to Vietnam. I know you hit on this at LPLI. When are you going to smell the coffee (again) and admit that Liberals are fucking us over royally?
My truck burned 200 gallons of unleaded regular on the trip. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe I should PM Carbon Al.
Molson, you mean you're not buying Carbon Offsets? Tsk tsk, shame shame. ;-)
back a truck up to washington dc (with a dome over it)and you've got enough methane to last a thousand years.
Carbon offsets? I think I might need methane offsets. My diet is not so good these days.
uh.... i just got through telling the highly liberal (but he does not think so)pooby he was gullible for ever thinking that the democrats (IN OFFICE) would not be completely full of bullshit (read his post today) just like the republicans (in office) are.

now i am telling another loyal american(who does not think he is that far right), just like poobers is (he is a veteran dangit)that both of you guys, and millions of others are taring and feathering your fellow americans, and instead of separating each other with blanketed labels and hatred you ALL should be highly pissed off at your government for only listening to the business lobby and just throwing bones to the voters.

you and pooby live here together in the same country, but hey if you wanna continue to distrust your fellow americans not your own party, it is still sorta a free country for like, now.

this rant sponsored by the ghost of the former activist reverend billy bob gisher thank you every much, who reminds you to please be sure to donate to charity and be kind to old people, you will be one eventually if you are lucky.
addendum: you see i know what a truly nice human you are drake, but i wonder if both some left and right of center folks ever considered that with how they phrase their posts, some people might misunderstand their wrath, misunderstand who you really are. i am afraid too many have adopted a highly polarizing language set without realizing it.

and trust me dave, i would not lie to you, IT HAS HAPPENED. and you are not the lone ranger. pooby is a good man, and so are you. we need to see that more in this country than we do. the politicians love this polarizing because it means you really are not focused on how they are screwing both of you. we are just verbally tilting at nebulous windmills.and far too many go for the pellet every time, just like a lab rat.

if you direct your attacks directly to the specific turds, ie., the specific politicians or special interest groups that piss you off, your other fellow AMERICANS on the other side of the aisle will not consider you the enemy, which is a needed thing, because you are NOT the enemy. nor are they.
..."need methane offsets. My diet is not so good these days."

Molson -- geez, at least you didn't have any passengers with you in the truck. Or did you ?!?!
Rev - the Liberals are the polarizing individuals, overwhelmingly so.

I'm NOT saying there are no polarizing Conservatives, Republicans, Indies or Libertarians. But one does not have to been a brain surgeon to decide which polticial ideology foments the most hatred, the most vile, the most venon.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberals. You may choose to ignore this or not admit it, but I think deep down you know this is true. "General Betrayus", anyone? Which side brings up the issue of how many marriages Giuliani has had while ignoring that Kucinich has had the same number of marriages? Besides, the Left was the party that told us that that stuff was someone's "personal life" that shouldn't be part of the political process. But now who makes it part of the process? Which party brings up Gingrich's affair while his wife was in the hospital?

I cannot even attempt to reach the vile, vile depth of any type of "attack" on any politician the way the Far Left has so "successfully" perfected to a science.

Let me repeat: not all Democrats are Liberals. I am not attacking "all Democrats". I am attacking - loosely - the Liberals who have excelled at displays of hypocrisy, displays of double standards, and displays of simply outrageous behavior that - if it had been displayed by Repubs, Conservative, Libertarians - I would skewer equally.

People are free to misunderstand what I write and publish here. But if they take a moment to get the full view, they would understand not to understand me. This is the problem with - yes - LIBERALS - they never go beyond the surface.

Joe Lieberman? Zell Miller? Hello, Rev, hello?

Political Correctness, hand in hand with Liberal Socialism will kill us and our country. See the movie: "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West." If you have seen it - then I am at a loss for how you could write what you wrote above.
and by the way - the LPOS Award needs to be "taken" with a degree of humor, as almost all of what I write here needs to be.

I can't help it if someone doesn't have a sense of humor. This is not directed at you, I know you have one.

It is not my job to educate anyone that stumbles across or visits my blog that "HEY, THIS IS HUMOR" AND "THIS OVER HERE IS NOT."

Besides, I've never know any Liberals - and I know a good many - who've ever possessed a sense of humor.
"General Betrayus",

that was moveon.org an organiztion, dave, not poobers.

i know you are not attacking all democrats, but poobers is a liberal. hell i am on some issues. you lump them all together dave, and it is far from accurate.

we can get tit for tat listing liberal and conservative assholes. they are everywhere.

you need to reread what i said about this pissy-fight distracting voters from the real enemy.

simply put, when you lump all liberals under one category you betray the truth, because no one is that black and white. but yet you smear pooby, as well as others when you lump him in there, as he thinks he is a liberal. so you dave are attacking pooby, a veteran of this country, as well as my grandfather, another veteran of this country. yes he was a liberal too.

if you address moveon.org with such ire i can support you. their behavior was sophmoric at best and did nothing but help the "other side"

but to put a paint brush to all liberals? if you do that to black people that is considered racist dave.

i think my comment on the gay bash actually hits the point better. we gotta stop this crap, or we might as well go ahead and have another civil war now.
Rev - What are you talking about? I never said or even remotely connected Poober to the General Betrayus ad. What are you talking about ?!??

I'm doing nothing more than using the same "lumping" tactic that the Libs use. You don't have to like it or agree, but just because you may not like or approve of it doesn't mean I'm going to stop.

I'd challenge you to post comments on any Liberal blog chastising them on this same type of issue and see what vile names they call you in responsding comments.

I'm going to paint away at Liberals.

If you haven't noticed it, I've done my very best to treat all hypocrites alike on this blog from Day One. It just happens to be the majority is directed at Liberals because they are the worst offenders.

This will continue until I tire of blogging, or Liberals become the small, invisible minority that they should be. To compare Liberals to black people is a broad and sweeping generalization that doesn't fit, dude.
"Libs" "Liberal"

"I'm going to paint away at Liberals."

"directed at Liberals"

"Liberals become the small"

"To compare Liberals to black people is a broad and sweeping generalization that doesn't fit, dude."

libeRAL, LIBERal,etc, etc.

yes it damn well does because, my grandfather is a liberal, pooby is a liberal and now you are saying all liberals are bad, you are doing the same thing as saying all black people steal. all black people do not steal and all liberals are not bad. but you in fact say they are.

i love you man but i will stand with the liberals. i stand with them because this is their country too. you forgot that dave, and worse, you are playing into the politicans hands. you will never hold them accountable because you are too busy blaming liberals.

who the hell was in power from 2000 to 2006 dave? it was not liberals. answer that one dave, who controlled the oval office and had a lock on congress dave?

i am telling you because i care about you. you are an american too. if someone does not except their fellow americans the division begins.

in now some liberals do it dave, and you know i attack them. but i am talking to you now.

my liberal grandfather was an american who took bullets for this country, and he never expected he was doing it for this hatred you see from both sides now, and sadly, from you dave.

call me a liberal. tell me i hate america, tell me i should leave the country. that is what is next for you dave.

oh i picked you because if i cannot stop this hatred with you, this abject blind, blanketing, prejudice, it will not be stopped anywhere, and my children will be fighting in a civil war.
I will refer you back to the words within the post that sets the qualifying and quantifying of those that I am "attacking":

"A LPOS is a Liberal who has made a choice to go far - far far far - out of their way to wear his or her Liberalism on their sleeve and made at least one, if not many, outrageous Liberal statements that goes well beyond the call of Liberal duty. To a LPOS, Liberalism is a religion that they place before everything else; advancing Liberalism is their reason for existing, nothing comes before it."

Joe Lieberman is a Liberal. What exactly has he done that is similar to MoveOn, Kos, Kerry, Murtha, Hillary, Pelosi? Has he denigrated the military? HAS HE? Of course not.

If you cannot see the difference between a Lieberman and a Kerry or a Lieberman and a Murtha - then our going back and forth here is for naught.

I am indeed going to paint away at Liberals. Do you think by quoting my own words I will change my mind or that by doing so you intimidate me? Liberals (the Kerrys, Murthas, Pelosis, Edwards) are the problem. If you IDENTIFY WITH THEM AND CONSIDER YOU PART OF THAT CROWD THEN YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM TOO.

Never, ever ever have I said the Republicans or Conservatives were blameless. Never. But they have reserved judgment of the soldiers in Haditha and have never treated the Military the way MoveOn, KoS and the Liberals (Kerry, Murtha, etc) have done.

My parents are Democrats (dad died a few years ago), their grandparents were democrats. I was a LIBERAL in college - when Reagan was president. My dad served in WW II. So did many of my DEMOCRAT uncles. My dad woke up and saw Liberals for what they are when Dole ran against Clinton. None of them, my dad, my uncles (almost all who have passed on) would even recognize today's Liberals as Democrats.

You don't have to like or agree with my painting away at Liberals, anymore than I like or agree with the tactic of MoveOn, et al. It appears - to me - you fail to understand that the only way to deal with the EXTREME Liberals is to treat them the way they treat their polticial opponents.

Tell me Harry Reid and his gang of Liberal Pieces of Shit is good for America, Rev, go ahead and try to get me to buy that because I need a good laugh after responding to your comments.
Looks like we might need an LPOS category for state governor. Why you ask? Apperently the crooks that occupy the MI State legislature can't come to an agreement on how much money to steal from the residents so they are going to shut down the state government. Now in the midst of this great crisis. Yeah right. The LPOS governor puts out a speech whining about the previous administration. In a typical Lem move, don't show leadership, don't reach out to negotiate. No whine and place blame on someone else. But get this. This is the second term for the LPOS governor of MI. That's right. The second term. What a complete steaming LPOS. So I must humbly nominate Jennifer Granholm for the LPOS award for State Governor. Thank you.
Geeez, Molson. I somehow had the erroneous belief that MI was more conservative in their state legislature than it appears. It can't be as bad as MN.
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