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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

General "BetrayUs": The Left Advances By Leaps And Bounds Deeper Into The Gutter

Every time I think the Insane Liberal Clown Posse cannot possibly move further into the decrepit depths of the gutter, sure enough, they pull something even more filthy from their vast reservoir of Hatred.

On Monday, September 10, it was the advertisement in the New York Times, bought and paid for by the immature and mentally deranged microencephalic MoveOn crowd, of the General "BetrayUs" advertisement. CNN:

    Republicans have seized on a liberal advocacy group's print ad attacking Gen. David Petraeus and have called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to denounce it.

    In the ad, running in Monday's edition of The New York Times, bold letters under a picture of Petraeus spell out "General Petraeus or General Betray us?"

    MoveOn.org Political Action, which paid for the ad, accuses Petraeus of "cooking the books for the White House" on progress being made in Iraq and calls him "a military man constantly at war with the facts."


    MoveOn.org said Monday it stood by the ad completely.

    "Every major independent study and many major news organizations cast serious doubt on Petraeus' claims," said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action Committee.

This is okay, though. Apparently MoveOn doesn't think any Moderate or Centrist Democrats have family members in the Military, let alone in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I hope Conservative and Republican candidates who are up for election or re-election next year use the MoveOn advertisement over and over and over again, to illustrate how deranged and out-of-touch the MoveOn crowd and the Over-The-Edge Liberals really are. These people hate and loathe the Military as well as - and I've said this before - anyone who doesn't fully agree with them 100%. These people - and really, should they even qualify as being included in the human race - are a small minority of lunatics who are desperate to control the Democrat Party and pull the strings of their puppet Democrat candidates.

Liberal Haters like MoveOn - oh, they support the Military - they just don't support the war. Right?

Two images of Eli Pariser, just so you can identify him. Maybe you'll see him somewhere and...want to...uh...shake his hand.

Various stories on Pariser put his age in his mid-twenties. So I'll have to ask the question that all the good little Liberal Eichmanns ask of Conservatives who have children in that same age range: Eli, why aren't you serving in the Military? But that question is reserved only for the Haters to ask - or so it seems.


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Eli Pariser is what you get when a pap smear mutates or was that Rosie O'Donnel. I get so confused when I don't drink.

Here you go:


Oh Molson, there you go again with another classic one-liner. You really have to start a political blog and let me know so I can link to it. You come up with the best lines.

Haven't heard from you for a short while. Did you get to CO and do some hiking? Let me know.
Thanks for the link Dan.

Who is the image that Granny in a wheelchair is shooting at?
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