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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chaska, Minnesota Is The Nanny State?

Chaska, Minnesota is a growing suburb located in the southwestern part of the Twin City metropolitan area. It's a nice area with newer homes and a growing business community. One might call it a clean, articulate and well-dressed suburb.

Last week the Chaska City Council created an ordinance that holds adults criminally liable for underage drinking even if the adults do not provide the liquor or have no knowledge of the underage drinking. This has created consternation among the adults and guardians in Chaska.

The Sunday Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune solicited input and opinions from its readers, asking people what they think of the Chaska ordinance. You can read the story HERE and peruse comments and reactions to the ordinance HERE.

I find it interesting at what point people begin labeling government intervention as a Nanny State. Minnesota, in my opinion, is tied with California and Massachusetts in being a state that interferes in our personal and private lives in areas of which undoubtedly begets Nannyism.

Here are a few excerpts of some of the comments on the Chaska ordinance.

    "This is the worst case of government overstepping its bound that I have ever seen. What if my kids have people over and one of them is sneaking alcohol in a soda bottle and then leaves and gets arrested. They are going to come and try to convict me for providing a venue when I had no knowledge." - Jerod

Here's an easy solution for you, Jerod, one that I though of all on my own, without consulting any Rhodes scholars: Would if be so difficult or strenuous for you to confiscate any bottles of liquid that the teens bring into the house? Then provide your own soda and refreshments for your kids and their friends. When they leave, return to them the bottles that they brought in.

Whoa - that's asking too much of a parent, isn't it? We can't ask that parents be responsible, can we? Why - that requires effort, and we can't expect parents to put forth effort, can we Jerod?

    "Don't Tread On Me!!!" - Steve

I bet Steve is perfectly fine with, and supportive of, all the anti-cigarette smoking laws though.

    "This ordinance reeks of unreasonable social controls and holding people to ridiculously unfair standards." - Thaider

You mean like not being able to smoke a cigarette outdoors at a park or a soccer field? Is that the kind of unreasonable social controls you mean?

    "When will we begin arresting the farmer for growing the corn that is made into alcohol that is sold to the liquor store that is sold to an adult that is stolen by a kid and consumed in the basement?" - Rockman

Well Rockman, that's not that far off from how the tobacco companies were railroaded by Liberals. Plus, you're giving Liberal politicians and trial lawyers a great idea on how to abscond with more revenue.

Some who commented actually "get it":

    "I have no problem with parents being held accountable for the actions of their kids and their friends." - Beezus

    ""I think this is a great idea!" - Karen

    "If my son goes to a gathering at a friend's house and is drinking because the parents of that friend gave it to him or allowed him to have it, and then gets into a car to be home by curfew and gets killed, you're da** [sic] right I would want those parents convicted and held responsible. Yeah for Chaska and I hope my county/city/state are next." - Shelby

I agree with this Chaska ordinance. It holds parents responsible and for far too long parents haven't been held responsible or accountable. Replace the object of booze being brought into your home and instead say your child's friends brought in a gun and someone was shot and injured or killed. I can only imagine the cries from the host parent saying, "well if I would have know so-and-so brought in a gun I would have done something about it." Exactly!

The point is, parents should know what their children and the friends of their children are bringing into their homes. Since it appears that many of these parents don't know or don't make any effort to know, Chaska responded by enacting an ordinance holding the parents responsible.

My god, parents being held responsible and accountable for minors. How terrible, how mean-spirited of the Chaska city council, how draconian.

I bet many of the parents who oppose this ordinance are Liberals and Democrats; the same parents who cheer for anti-smoking Nannyism, who cheer for outdoor smoking bans, who cheer for higher property taxes for schools and who cheer for every bit of Nannyism legislation that affects our lives. Suddenly, they find Nannyism has come to bite them in the ass. Too bad, not sad.

It's funny - there's no doubt in my mind that some of the folks who are whining about this Nannysim are the ones who advocate the most for Nannyism in other cases. Suddenly, Nannyism reaches into their lives, specifically targeting parents, their children and friends of their children, and they squeal like stuck pigs. Again, too bad, not sad.

This is good legislation on the part of the Chaska city government. Why? Because "it's for the children." And we all know that anything "for the the children" has to be good; for this is what Liberals and Democrats have been preaching for decades.



Actually, the ordinance only makes reference to someone knowingly providing a venue for drinking. Parents who are out of town, asleep upstairs, etc. would not be targets of the new ordinance. However, parents who had a graduation party, say, for their children and friends and allowed drinking (even if they took away their keys) would be.
If what you say is true - and I'm not saying it isn't, then the ord doesn't go far enough. Parents sleeping while their kids and friends are in the house? Out of town while their kids and their friends occupy the house? If that isn't parental abdication of supervision and responsibility then I don't know what is.
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