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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bin Laden Video Translation

The below clip is the latest translation of the most recently released Osama Bin Laden video message. I have received it from trusted sources and believe it to be totally authentic.

Click on the
to view the video.

The above Short Film is also appearing and playing HERE.


i've never laughed harder dude. the best video youve made yet. fantastic.

i been working for the man which is why i haven't been able to comment as much as the past, but I check out your site every day.
EC - I had no part in the making of the video. It's 100% authentic like I said. I would never besmirch the smelly goat lover of Islam and prophet of the Democrats.

Always good to hear from you. Don't work too too hard, and thanks for your continued visits!
yeah Dave, that's one of the best youve done. Good job!
lol the image of the dog and binladen. sick dude!
Thank you Anony. Usually the Anony comments are rank and vile, but yours is refreshing and I appreciate it.
Morty, the video is 100% authentic. I didn't photoshop a single thing.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Keep in touch.
the part about having to wait so long for new episodes of Greys Anatony had me rolling. Good job david!
Thanks Shirley! Give my regards to the gang at the bar. I'll be back soon.
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