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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bin Laden Speech Translated

I have received the following translation for parts of the recently released Osama Bin Laden video tape.

This translation is provided by completely unreliable sources. Make of it what you will.

Click on the
to hear the translation:


i got your comment below and you were correct about teddy. i just realized they would call him liberal today, but that probably is my body politic.

check out the past osama releases dave. i am telling you the gospell truth. unless i missed something in my research.

check all of the past releases, they all went up on either al jazeera tv or al queda websites first. then we analyzed them. not the other way around.

we got it first thistime(government) and we released to the world.

that is real damn strange dave, and i know you know exactly what i am thinking.

please let me know after you have looked into it.

too many unanswered questions and worse, other than I, I don't see anyone asking.

have we gotten that stupid?
Think about it, if they had scored an intelligence coup Osama and his minions would know it because they too would see what just happened, realize we intercepted the tape, thusly it’s no secret.

Bush would have stood up immediately, or one of his talking heads would have, and beat their chest about how good they were. Hey it scores brownie points with the voter and he could stand a few bumps up in the polls right now.

That is not what just happened with this tape because that is not what Bush wanted. He wants to stay in Iraq, and he wants to do nothing period about global warming and he himself has flat out already told you so. Doesn’t matter if you are for or against either stance, what I have just told you is the truth.

If Osama says something we all recoil from it, and the every time Osama has released a tape it has boosted Bush’s ratings. Look it up. Bush and his minions know we recoil from Osama.

Bush did not take credit for getting this tape, because if we could jump that far in line on obtaining these tapes, people would be asking questions about how come we can get the tape so early but we cannot get Osama?

Osama wants us out of Iraq. We naturally do not want to do what the terrorist wants us to do right? So we stay in Iraq. Osama wants us to do something about global warming. Again we naturally want to do the exact opposite of what he asks. So now when you have the Democrats talking about global warming and getting out of Iraq, you really can say the democrats are sympathizing with the terrorists. It is frigging brilliant and downright evil if it is true.

You have to ask yourself, am I a republican who is an American or am I a zombie for Bush?

If this is true, they have played all of us, including the republicans, and more so republicans because the democrats have never trusted him anyway. If this is true, they have bought Osama, they own him, and they dangle him in front of you to get whatever they want. You are being played for the sucker. You owe it to yourself to check into this and ask others to do so.

Because if this is true, the worst crime in the history of this country has just been committed.
dude that is a funny audio bit!
Rev - finally did some reading.

Heh - zombie for Bush. No, I'm not that, I know you know that. But between a choice of Bush v Gore and Bush v Kerry it wasn't hard for me to decide who to vote for.

I think you ask a good question about the U.S. intercepting the video before others. But you have to admit that no one on the planet is under more scrutiny and surveillance than OBL and anyone who may be even remotely connected to him.

And you also have to admit that our Intel is second to no other country, except for the 8years of the Gorelick wall under Clinton. This is a slam against Clinton, Reno, Gorelick, Tenent - but if a Republican had defiled our Intel the way they did, rest assured I would treat them as harshly as I do Clinton, Reno, Gorelick & Tenent.

I have to play devils advocate: you don't think our Intel has the ability to intercept his video before anyone else had a chance to air it? That's doing a disservice to our Intel.

Our Intel alone is able to do just that. And who knows what other country's Intel may have helped only that info isn't public for reasons of security? Israel, the UK, Pakistan, Germany - any number of others who want to remain silent could have assisted.

I don't think it's conspiratorial that we intercepted the video. I think it's the fact that we now have well coordinated Intel efforts now that the Gorelick wall is torn down.

As always, I invite your rebuttal.
EC - my friend - daaaayum, haven't heard from you in ages. Whaddaya been up to? Thanks for the compliment on the audio. It's true, you know, I'd never make anything like that up.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I miss your flattery!
"you don't think our Intel has the ability to intercept his video before anyone else had a chance to air it? That's doing a disservice to our Intel."

you are missing the point. if they did intercept it, as it is the first time, why are they not talking about it? al queda obviously knows they got it. if in fact that is what happened.

i never said it's conspiratorial that we intercepted the video. i am asking why if in fact we did, for the very first time, why are they not bragging? every success is underlined by them dave. they are running into the next election talking about their success against them.

this is the first time this has happened. and no crowing none. it is almost like it was a whitehouse press release dave. do you not see that? or am i just wasting my time?

maybe that is why the msm isn't talking about it. it flies too high.
Osama bin Readin Chomsky.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Mossad hadn't acquired the Bin Laden tape and offered it to the CIA. Deez dings happen all the time.

--Don S. Long
"if they did intercept it, as it is the first time, why are they not talking about it?"

Because to do would be called "hubris" by the Liberal critics?

"why are they not bragging?"

Same answer...being accused of "hubris" and "grandstanding".

"and no crowing none"

Compared to what other Admin or country "crowing"?

I don't have the answer to your question Rev. I don't really think there's anything more to it RE: why they are not bragging.

One cannot look to the MSM to report good news for the Bush Admin, you know this.

I dunno...Bush Admin is damned when they do and damned when they don't. Maybe after seven years of being a punching bag of the MSM they are learning.
Don Long brings a good thought into it. Maybe the Mossad intercepted it and gave it to us.

Rev., clandestine operations can only remain clandestine by not bragging about it.
"Maybe the Mossad intercepted"

gee isn't that a total lack of respect for our guy's ability to collect intell? the mossad? you got all over me about a "perceived slight" to our intell boys. why did you not crawl don long like you did me?

i just think for some reason, you refuse to wrap your horns around the fact that bin ladin's tape was released by OUR government with no word at all as to why the got the jump on everyone else, but cannot get the guy still.

it is at the least a highly curious happening. it is never the crime that is the worst, it is always the coverup.

just ask your and my old buddy nixon.
Rev, you make a fair point about the Mossad. I only entertained that hypothesis as a possibility, not evidence or reality. I did not discount your theories either, only questioned them - fairly, I might add.

Don Long pays me big money to agree with him. As soon as the checks come in with your signature, I too will be your whore.

The second paragraph is all satire, for those who are unaware.
So that's how you build palaces for your cronies...
Dirka dirka, Arc!
Eugene, thanks for the link.

Help me out - one of the comments on the link refers to http://www.saudi-binladin-group.com/ - that that site expired on 9-11-01. I don't see that that site expiring on that date is significant. What am I missing or not understanding?

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