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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Obama's Illegal War in Pakistan

Borrowing the sad, hackneyed and baseless refrain from the Left about Bush's "illegal occupation of Iraq", I see where Democrat presidential candidate Osama Hussein Obama would start an "illegal occupation of Pakistan", saying that as president he would be willing to INVADE Pakistan, without their permission. Times Online:

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama yesterday attempted to refute claims that he was soft on national security by promising he would send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists — even without permission from that country’s government.


    “Because of a war in Iraq that should never have been authorised and should never have been waged, we are now less safe than we were before 9/11. It is time to turn the page. It is time to write a new chapter in our response to 9/11,” he said.

If a Republican said this, that person would be branded by the Left as a warmonger. It makes for a nice sound byte for Obama to say, "we are now less safe than we were before 9/11," but what is his justification for those words? Not surprisingly, he doesn't say - nothing to back-up his rhetoric. Typical, typical Liberal.

Invade the country of a U.S. ally without their permission? His statement only proves his complete inexperience as a politician. If Iraq is a "quagmire" - as the Left loves to call it - what type of intractable battle would Osama Obama get us involved in in Pakistan? A clear cut case of a Democrat candidate who wants to cosmetically appear strong without the slightest idea of the absurdity of his statement.

Liberals have an innate knack for using people and peeing on their allies when they're done using them. After they get what they want, they abandon those that helped them. I guess if this is the type of president one wants, you've got it with Osama Obama.

What a WARMONGER Hussein Obama is!



Interesting how you ignore that Fran Townsend, one of Bush's top advisers, said something very similar a week before this Obama quote.


But hey, why expect honesty from ring-wing apologists such as yourself....
Another comment from a scardy-cat Anonymous Leftist. I am not surprised.

Here is why you're wrong: I didn't ignore what Frances Townsend said - her words are irrelevant. She's not a presidential candidate. Obama IS a presidential candidate.

Townsend isn't the president. Only Bush could make the decision to "invade" Pakistan and thus far he has never indicated that. Got a story you can show me where Bush said that? Of course you don't.

But hey, why expect intellecutal honesy from America Haters such as yourself...

Nice try loser, no cigar, no teddy bear.
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