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Friday, August 10, 2007

Obama The Baby Killer

Osama Hussein Obama is another in a long line of Liberals who kneel and worship at the Altar of Abortion. Why, one can't possibly even apply - let alone attain membership - for entrance into the DemocRAT party unless one is unequivocally super-duper pro-Abortion.

Some feti, or feto actually survive the horrific procedure of an abortion. Obama voted twice as an Illinois State Senator to allow these babies to die. This story is not new, but it is getting attention now as the America Hating, Anti-Life Democrats scramble to see who will be the presidential candidate for their party.

From Amanda B. Carpenter, writing for Human Events:

    In 2002, as an Illinois legislator, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act, which would have protected babies that survived late-term abortions. That same year a similar federal law, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was signed by President Bush. Only 15 members of the U.S. House opposed it, and it passed the Senate unanimously on a voice vote.

    Both the Illinois and the federal bill sought equal treatment for babies who survived premature inducement for the purpose of abortion and wanted babies who were born prematurely and given live-saving medical attention.


    But Obama voted against this bill in the Illinois senate and killed it in committee. Twice, the Induced Infant Liability Act came up in the Judiciary Committee on which he served. At its first reading he voted “present.” At the second he voted “no.”

    The bill was then referred to the senate’s Health and Human Services Committee, which Obama chaired after the Illinois Senate went Democratic in 2003. As chairman, he never called the bill up for a vote.

    Jill Stanek, a registered delivery-ward nurse who was the prime mover behind the legislation after she witnessed aborted babies’ being born alive and left to die, testified twice before Obama in support of the Induced Infant Liability Act bills. She also testified before the U.S. Congress in support of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

    Stanek told me her testimony “did not faze” Obama.

    In the second hearing, Stanek said, “I brought pictures in and presented them to the committee of very premature babies from my neonatal resuscitation book from the American Pediatric Association, trying to show them unwanted babies were being cast aside. Babies the same age were being treated if they were wanted!”

    “And those pictures didn’t faze him [Obama] at all,” she said.

From Israpundit:

    Here is what Obama said when arguing against Illinois’ Born Alive Infants Protection Act during Senate floor debate. This was legislation clarifying the terms “person,” “human being,” “child,” and “individual” in Illinois statutes included any baby born alive, no matter what gestational age or circumstance of birth:

    “… I just want to suggest… that this is probably not going to survive constitutional scrutiny.”

    “Number one, whenever we define a pre-viable fetus as a person that is protected by the equal protection clause or the other elements in the Constitution, what we’re really saying is, in fact, that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a – child, a 9-month-old – child that was delivered to term. That determination then, essentially, if it was accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place.”

    “I mean, it – it would essentially bar abortions, because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an anti-abortion statute. For that purpose, I think it would probably be found unconstitutional.”

    Incredible stuff. Not only did Obama make no sense, he showed just how far he would go to safeguard abortion.

Incredible stuff, indeed. The next time a Democrat tells you that whatever they support is, "for the children," ask them to which children are they referring? The children that aren't aborted, the ones who survive abortion, or the ones who are delivered and birthed because the parents actually want the child.

I wonder why, in all the recent Democrat debates, no MSM'er has bothered to ask Hussein Obama about his votes as an Illinois State Senator with regard to the above? The MSM'ers bring the abortion issue up constantly during the Republican debates.

And for the record, I'm very pro-Abortion. I think all Liberals should have them. The fewer Liberals born, the better off the world will be.



You are on to something here DD. Who knows, maybe taxpayer financed abortions for liberals would be a good investment in the future. Is it too late to abort Murtha? According to Oblama maybe not.
Retroactive abortion up to whatever age Murtha is now? I'm all for it!
Obama bin Laden also posed arm in arm with the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton. (Google on Sharpton and "Freddy's Fashion Mart" or "Yankel Rosenbaum" or "Tawana Brawley.")
Sharpton posed with OBL? WOW - I wasn't aware of that. THANKS for the info Winged Hussar, and thanks for commenting!
If you have a PENIS you should have NO SAY IN ABORTION LEGISLATION. David Drake shut your uninformed, bigoted mouth about it. You are a foul and hateful person and I'm glad that there are nearly no comments on this ignorant blog. Minds like yours are a bipartisan blot on this country. You make conservatives ashamed to associate with their party because they do not wish to be grouped with the lunatic fringe.
Dear anonymous - your comment makes no sense, it's stupid. Your problem is really about Obama's voting record, you don't like it, yet that means contradicting your own support for him. huh?
Wow. I'm guessing Anonymous is a woman, since she doesn't want men to have a say in abortion laws. That's just like not letting them vote ... which women have already said is wrong ... wait, I'm confused ...
Scott, Anonymous could be a woman, you're "on" about that. Whatever, Anony is stupid and unable to put together a couple of brief sentences that actually completes a cogent thought. I mean, LOOK at the writing and sentence structure.

I try to avoid making fun of peoples' points in comments for reasons of poor grammar and bad spelling because I am guilty of it too; often. I never spell check my comments here or at other blogs, so I am not making fun of that. LOOK at the first sentence!

"If you have a PENIS you should have NO SAY IN ABORTION LEGISLATION."

wtf is that all about? IS that the kind of level playing field the Left claims to want? Using that same illogic if one has a vagina they have no business sticking their nose into professional sports. Hey - I like that thinking!
noone wants abortions. Noone is going out there, doing it, getting pregnant on purpose, just to kill it and laugh, saying its my constitutional right...but its necessary! what about rape babies? what if the mother cant support it? what, put it in adoption with all the other unadopted, troubled kids who will never get adopted? if your so mighty, you go out and adopt instead of having your own little a**holes...what if they are going to be born mentally, physically disabled and the parents cant afford it? Its neccesary...however i believe the man should have a say in the abortion...its not just the females body, that thing inside her is part of him too...
Hi prolifeandprochoice,

noone wants abortions. ???

Obama does.

Didn't you read the post and the links?
I read the post and the links and still cannot see where Obama states he wants abortions. I also think that referring to Obama as Obama Bin Laden illustrates a completely uniformed bigotry that is all to prevalent in this nation. It is slightly disturbing that people are assuming this is a pro-abortion vs. pro-life issue when its obviously about pro-choice. If people were more educated they would understand more of the motives behind Obama's decision. The main one seeming to be protecting women's rights. I also find it disgusting that people who are so pro-life would joke (at least I hope they're joking) about aborting liberals. I welcome comments, but anticipate that my own will not be welcomed.
Vote Green, what is that? Vote a color? Vote for Nader? WTF?

Now, on to addressing your silly and vapid comments.

Of course you read the post and the links and still do not see where Obama wants abortion. You only want to see what you want to see about him, and no factual criticism of your Messiah will not penetrate your brain, right?

I also think that referring to Obama as Obama Bin Laden illustrates a completely uniformed bigotry that is all to prevalent in this nation.

That's silly and absurd on your part. There's no bigotry there at all. You're out of your mind.

Pro-choice is pro-baby killing, no matter what you want to call it, no matter what metaphor you want to use.

I understand the motives behind Obama just fine, thank you. I don't need your condescending attitude telling me I am not educated enough to understand him. Whew, talk about your attitude of elitism.

"Women's rights..." blah, blah, blah, blah. What's the word I'm looking for. Oh, yeah; "blah." You just kneel, worship and sacrifice dead babies at the Altar of Abortion, don't you?

I would never joke about Liberals aborting their Liberal children. I think all Liberals should be aborted.

You welcome comments? GREAT! Let me know the location of your blog. I'd love to trade comments with you there.
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