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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mike Gravel says, "The Spartans trained their people to be homosexual."

Democrat presidential candidate Mike Gravel said that "The Spartans trained their people to be homosexual."

This is an odd statement for a Democrat to make, since for decades the Democrats have told us that homosexuality - as well as heterosexuality - is something one is born with. So his statement begs the question of how one is "trained to be homosexual."

The simple answer, of course, is that Mike Gravel is an idiot.

This also brings up the question - again - of gay people serving in the military.

For a good take on this issue, click on the
button on the audio bar below and give a listen.

Voices are impersonated. Or...are...they?



Do I just not have imagination enough to understand WHY anyone would want to train someone else to be homosexual? Do they go around training people to be hetrosexual? It doesn't make much sense to me.

And why would you want to train military might to long for the next military might fighting next to you? Wouldn't it make more sense to make sure your men are NOT homosexual? Wouldn't being homosexual and spending hours/days/weeks/months/years together cause problems such as LOSING A WAR because your men are banging each other in the background... or longing for each other on the battlefield... or dreaming of each other when they are apart and therefore not able to pay attention to their duties.

I don't know... maybe I am just an idiot... maybe a man longing for a man is better than a man longing for a woman. Maybe wanting the guy next to you is better than fighting with a clear mind, strong conviction and the desire to go home and be with the person you left behind.
Oh Bug, you are not an idiot. Gravel is the idiot, big time.

Like I wrote - for decaded the Left has been telling us that homosexuality and - by default then - heterosexuality is something we are born with. Then Gravel talks out of his butt saying "the Spartans trained their people to be homosexual." Gravel is an idiot.

Thanks for visiting and commenting Bug - as always.
I find the "well it's this way" one day and then "it's now this way" the next day a bit old.

I was on vacation this last week and finally got around to posting something linking back to a few of your posts... plus I did one of my own regarding the latest with Michael Savage.

Have a great weekend.
Yep - the Flip Flop of Dems is never a quiet one, is it?
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