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Thursday, August 02, 2007

John Edwards Campaign Cash
Coming From Wealthy Attorneys

John "The Sissy" Edwards is right; there are indeed "two Americas".

One America is comprised of "the rest of us".

Then, there is
the "other America"...the world of John Edwards and his wealthy campaign contributors. AP:

    ...when it comes to the money backing his second campaign, the wallets of wealthy attorneys who propelled the former trial lawyer's first run for the White House still open more than most. More than half of the Edwards donors who listed their occupations said they are attorneys, and they have given seven times more than any other profession, according to an Associated Press analysis of campaign finance data.


    "If you aren't drawing new contributors, the chances are you're not drawing new voters," said Democratic pollster Peter Hart. "To the degree that Edwards' base remains very refined and coming from one part of the community, he'll probably find the election ahead very challenging."

    Edwards advisers have long played down the money chase.

    In the first six months of the year, Edwards raised $23 million. But without the roughly $7 million collected from donors identified as attorneys, his numbers would fall closer to that of lower-tier candidates, such as New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd.


    Attorneys [helped] keep Edwards' campaign viable in 2004, when the first-term North Carolina senator with little political experience failed to win the nomination but earned a spot on Sen. John Kerry's presidential ticket. In that election, he raised roughly $9.3 million from attorneys, who made up about 55 percent of individuals who listed their occupation on finance reports.

Keep up the Two Americas facade, Johnny Boy, keep it up. I'm sure after this "attack" Edwards will have his wife fight yet another battle for him.

King John


dude, that image kills! King Edwards the First?
The only thing worse than King John will be Queen Hillary. Thanks for your comments Benny.
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